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Palmer Ch13 JAP

Irreddentism Means unredeemed. position allowing annexation of territories controlled by another state on the basis of common ethnincity or historical possession. Strong feature of politics from 1859-1871 as European country borders were strongly reinforced.
Hihilism Philosophical doctrine suggesting the negation of none or more meaningful aspects of life. it was the basis for a Russain movement in the 1860's rejecting all authorities.
Risorgimento Political/social movement combinign different regions of Italian peninsula into a single state of Italy. Began in 1815 with congress of Vienna and end of Napoleonci rule.
Austroslavism Political concept/program aimedto solve various problems of Slavic people (Austrian Empire).First proposed by Borovsky (1846) in oppositon ot pan-Slavism.
Extraterritoriality State of being exempt from jurisdiction of Local law. Usually extended to frriendly/allied militaris to pass through one's territory. Imposed upon Chinal and Japan under the unequal treaties.
Garibaldi Italian military/political figure.Most significant for assembling "The Thousand" bring down Francis, King of Two Sicilies.
Bismarck German noble famliy that rose to great prominence. Led by Otto von Bismarck whose actions unified Germany, amking ita mjor player in world affiars, and created a balance of power in Europe allwoing room for peace.
Zollverein Coalition of German states formed to manage enconomic sustoms and policies within their territories. Connected Purssian/Hohenzollern territories. Excluded Austria increasing Austro-Prussian rivalry for dominance of central europe.
Mir Peasant communities-Russian peasants hold land incommunal owenership. Arable alnd divided into sectiosn based on quality/distance from the village. Periodical census ensured equal share.
Meiji era Japanese era (September 1868-July 1912)representing the first half of the Empire of Japan. Attempts were made at this tiem by nationalist ot save Japan from Westerners by learing/adopting the secrets of modern Western power.
Dual Monarch Two separate kingdoms ruled by same monarch, same policy, combined military, and retain untied customs. self-governing. Typically refers to Austria-Hungary.
Peace of Paris 1856 Ended Crimean War between Russian and Ottoman Empire/British Empire/Second French Empire/Kingdom of sardinia. Signed March 30,1856. Made black sea neutral territory and prohibited creation of fortifications on its shores.
Von Moltke German Field Marshaland Chief of Staff of Prussian Army. Regarded as on of the greates strategists of the 19th century for creating a newer. more modern way of directing armies in the field.
Nechaiev Russian revolutionary associated with the Nihillst movement. Know for single-minded pursuti of rejecting all authority by any means necessary. Partook in political violence.
Ausgleich Established dual monarch of Austria-Hungary. Re-established sovereignty of Kingdom of Hungary from Austrian Empire. Each region governed by separte parliament/Priem Minister, but single, united head of state.
Zemstvo Form of local government instituted by Alexander II of Imperial Russia. First laws wer put into effect in 1864, ended in 1917. Bulit Hospitals, schools, roads, coolected taxes. Helped peasants establish farmsl
Third Republic The Thrid Republic of France. Founded in 1871 when the Prussians defeated the French in the Franco-Prussian War.
Third Section An office in the Russian goverment set up by Nicholas I as a secret political police.
Catechism of a Revoutionism Written by Bakunin and Nechaie. It inspired the people of Russia to form secret terrorist societies to move a revolution foreward. It also proclaimed anything that hinders a revolution is immoral.
Cavour Prime minster of Piedmont. Wanted to make Piedmont a model of progress, efficiency, and fair government that other Italians would admire. Cavour also planed to have the Austrians removed from Italy through the French army.
Bakunin Along with his disciple Nechaiev wrote the anarchist books "People's Justice" and "Catechism of a Revolutionist". Inspired Russians to form terrorist groups, one of which assassinated Alexander II.
Autocracy Form of government where one person runs the government with supreme power. An example would be a dictator or Tyrant.
Salvophilism An intellectual movement in Russian that wanted the government to be developed with traditional Russian values.
Dominion Group of suborniate states to the British Empire such as the Dominion of Canada. Led to the decolonization movement.
British North America Act Passed by British Parliament in 1867, the act was the constitutionally establishment of the Dominion of Canada.
Victor Emmanuel II First King of the Kingdom of Italy. It was proclaimed he should rule becasue of the "grace of God and the will of the nation"
Hohenzollern Family Family of Nobles who ruled Prussia and Germany. For a short time Leopold of Hohenzollern was King of Spain.
Ems dispatch Telegram to Bismarck which was a conversation between Napoleon III and Bendetti where the king declined to never having a hohenzollern be a canidate for the Spainsh crown.
intelligentsia Group of educated people in Russia who believed in western European ideas. Their ideas went against the Russian government and the orthodox church.
Realpolitik Means Politics of reality. The Main practitioner in Prussia being Otto von Bismarck.
Lassalle Socialist who unlike Marx's believed that working class conditions could be improved through the action of the existing governments.
Herzen Writer of the "Polar Star" which casued a want from the people of Russia to emancipate the peasants. Herzen also believed that Russia was the future of socailism.
Created by: AndrewPool