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The Revolution of 1789

Name the type of people in the First, Second and Third Estate? First-Clergy Second-Nobles Third-Everyone else in the kingdom, but were drawn from wealthy members of the commercial or professional middle class
What group demanded that each state have an equal number of representatives? The Assembly of Notables
What happened in December 1788? The council announced the Third Estate would elect twice as many representatives as either the nobles or the clergy, which helped them easily dominate the Estates General.
A list of grievances registered by the local electors, to be presented to the King were known as? Cahiers de Doleances
What happened on June 1? The Third Estate invited the clergy and nobles to join in organizing a new legislative body.
What was the National Assembly renamed to and why? It was renamed to the National Constituent Assembly because of its intention to write a new constitution.
In what year did large crowds of Parisians, most of them shopkeeper, tradespeople, artisans, and wage earners, marched to Bastille to get weapons for militia July 14, 1789
What was Bastille? Ten-foot-thick walls that once held political prisoners.
Who did the militia of Paris offer its command to on July 15? Marquis de Lafayette
What does this journees? Days on which populace of Paris redirected the course of the revolution
What was the burning of chateaux? The destruction of legal records and documents, and the refusal to pay feudal dues.
What happened after the night of August 4, 1789? All French citizens received equal laws no matter your wealth or birth, and this opened military positions, careers and advancement to talent.
What did the French Declaration state? It stated that all men were “born and remain free and equal in rights”.
Who was the declaration directed to and why? It was directed to men because women were only good for motherhood.
7,000 Parisian women marched to Versailles with knives, guns, swords and pikes demanding more bread on what day? October 5
Created by: Cianci