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The Crisis of the French Monarchy

What happened on the Eve of the French Revolution? The interest and payments on the royal debt amounted to just over one-half of the entire budget.
In what year, was Louis XV appointed Rene Maupeou as chancellor? 1770
Who was Rene Maupeou? He abolished the parlements and exiled their members to different parts of the country.
During the second half of the eighteenth century... French nobles and professional and commercial classes all had the same goals and interests about the administrative reform that would support economic growth.
How did the Parlements portray the French monarchy? The parlements portrayed the monarchy as despotic, acting arbitrarily in defiance of the law.
Who was Marie Antoinette and what did she gain a reputation of? She was the wife of Louis XVI and she gained a reputation of sexually misconduct and extravagance.
Who was Jacques Necker and what did he want to do? He was a royal director-general of finances and he argued that the budget was in surplus, when American expenditures were removed from the American war.
What did Charles Alexandre de Calonne encourage? 1)Internal trade 2)Lower some taxes such as gabelle on salt 3)To transform the corvee, the peasant’s labor service on public works into money payments 4 He wanted to impose a tax in which all landowners would have to pay no matter their social status.
What happened in February 1787? Calonne met with an Assembly of Notables, to gain support of his new ideas, and the assembly refused it.
What did Etienne Charles Lomenie de Brienne do? Brienne appealed to the Assembly of the Clergy to approve a large subsidy, which was refused
What happened in the Summer of 1788? Bankers refused to extend short-term credit to the government
In July 1788... The King, through Brienne, agreed to convoke the Estates General in the next year.
Created by: Cianci