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B&L anatomy

Ward: Blood anf Lymph anatomy

Forms a scaffold for blood clotting Fibrinogen
Maintains osmotic pressure Albumin
Three different globulina Alpha, beta, gamma
Premature RBC Reticulocyte
RBC life span 120 days
Hormone from the kidney that up regulates RBC proliferation Erythropoietin
Hormone from the liver and kidney that up regulates platelet formation Thrombopoietin
Neutrophils appear during Bacterial inflammation
65-75% of WBCs Neutrophils
Releases histamine and heparin sulfate Basophil
0.5-1% of WBCs Basophils
Anti-parasitic agent Eosinophil
2-4% of WBCs Eosinophil
3-8% of WBCs Monocyte
Important in regulation og immune responce and inflammation Monocyte
20-35% of WBCs Lymphocytes
True/False Lymphocytes are phagocytic False They are never phagocytic
Where is blood made during the primordial phase? Mesoderm of the yolk sac
Where is blood made in the hepatosplenothymic phase? Liver, Spleen, and Thymus
Where is blood made during the medullolymphatic phase? Bone Marrow Lymphatic tissues
Where is blood made in post-natal hematopoieses Bone marrow and thymus
Type of bone marrow found in young pts Red marrow
Type of marrow found in older pts Yellow marrow
List the types of arteries in descending order. Elastic > Muscular arteries > arterioles > capillaries
Main type of capillary Continuous capillaries
Created by: bcriss