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Foodborne Illness

Clin Med 1 2011- foodborne illness

Three different organisms causing foodborne illness? bactera-most food borne pathogens, fungus-candida, viruses - Hepatitis
Who is at risk for foodborne illness? infants and children, pregnancy, elderly, chronic disease (liver, diabetes, cancer), immunocompromised (HIV, chemo, steroids)
What are the common source for Campylobactor jejuni? raw meat, milk , shellfish, dirty water
What is the onset and duration for Campylobactor jejuni? 2-5 days onset, duration 2-7 d
What are the Sx for Campylobactor jejuni? D/abd pain, bloody stools
What causes Staphylococcus aureus? dz from toxin produced when contaminated foods are stored at rm temp
What are common sources for S. aureus? meat, poultry, eggs, tuna, potato and macaroni salads, cream filled pastries
What is the onset and duration for S. aureus? rapid onset, duration 2-3 days
What is Clostridium perfringens? Cafeteria germ: foods prepared in lg quantities, stored at rm temp, not cooled fast enuf and stored on steam table too long
What are common sources for Clostridium perfringens? meat, poultry, gravies, bean dishes, unwashed vegetables *lives in soil
What is the onset and duration for Clostridium perfringens? Onset 8-24 hrs, duration short (24 hr flu)
What are the Sx for Clostridium perfringens? abd pain, diarrhea
What causes Clostridium botulinum? toxin produced by bacteria causes dz
What are the common sources for Clostridium botulinum? low acid, anaerobic environments, home canned beans, mushrooms, olives, spinach, beef, honey and corn syrup may have spores
What is the onset for Clostridium botulinum? onset 12-36 hrs
What are the symptoms for Clostridium botulinum? neurologic Sz: progressive paralysis of respiratory system
Why is it important to diagnose Clostridium botulinum? requires emergent medical care can be fatal
What are some common sources for Salmonella? raw meat, poultry, eggs, fish, raw milk cross contamination - drippings, utensils, surfaces, and other foods
What is the onset for Salmonella? 6-36 hours
What are Sx for Salmonella? N/V/D/ HA, fever, abd cramps
For who can salmonella be fatal in? elderly and young
What is the E. coli pathogen? E. coli 0157:H7
Where is E.coli found? feces of warm blooded animals
What are some sources of E.coli? contaminated food, water, ground beef, raw milk, plant foods, apple juice
If not directly from food or water, how else can you get E.coli? person to person contact - anal-oral route
Why is the incidence of E.coli down? due to USDA testing of ground meat
what is the onset of e.coli? 2-4 (3-9d)
What are the Sx of e.coli? bloody watery diarrhea, hemorrhagic colitis, adb pain
What can e.coli cause? hemolytic uremic syndrome-kidney failure Death
What are some common sources for listeria monocytogenes? raw milk, cheese (mexican), soil, leafy vegs, strawberries, raspberries, juices, meat, poultry, and cheese, food processing environments
What are some characterisitcs of Listeria monocytogenes? difficult to kill survives cold temps (fridge)
What is the onset for listeria? 7-30 days
What are the Sx for listeria? HA, V, fever (may be asymptomatic) sepsis, meningitis, may be fatal fetal loss
What % of cases require hospitalization for listeria monocytogenes? 94%
What are the recommendations for pregnancy in regards to Listeria? avoid raw cheese --> feta, Brie, camembert, blue cheese, mexican style cheese no unpasteurized milk no raw or undercooked meat, fish, poultry
Where is Shigella found? human fecal matter
How do you get Shigella? processed by food handlers, foods from contaminated soil
What is the onset for Shigella? 1-3 days
What are the Sx for Shigella? D, bloody stools, abd pain, fever
What the common sources for Vibrio vunificus? raw seafood, oysters
What are sx for Vibiro vunificus? V/D/abd pain
What do the Sx for Vibrio vunificus look like in immunocompromised pts? infect bloodstream causing Fever/chills, decreased blood pressure (septic shock)
How can you get Vibrio vunificus through seawater? through an open cut?
How many of systemic infections caused by Vibrio vunificus are fatal? 50%
What are common sources for Vibrie cholera? human, food, water
What is the onset for Vibrie cholera? 2-3 days
What are Sx for Vibrie cholera? V/profuse watery diarrhea, dehydration -->death
What are the routes of transmission for Hepatitis A Virus? fecal-oral oral or anal sex
What are some common sources for hep a virus? water, ice human-human --> poor handwashing fruits, vegs, shellfish
What is the onset for hep a virus? 2-6weeks
What are the Sx for Hep A virus? mild but may last several months dark urine, fatigue, low-grade fever, poor appetite, N/V, jaundice, pale or slay colored stools
Who with Hep A virus may be asymptomatic? young children - watch out for daycares!!
Where can you get trichinosis parasite? pork and wild game
What are the Sx for trichinosis parasite? muscle weakness, flu like Sx pain and achiness all over
What is the danger zone for food? 40-140 degrees F
How long can you keep cold food at room temp? No more than 2 hours
Created by: ashleylafontaine
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