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AR Chap 15

Workmans Comp

OSHA administration that protects employees against on the job health and safety hazards
deposition discovery device by the physician an injured worker answer questions, under oath outside the courtroom
work hardening individualized program that is sometimes used to help prepare the injured worker to return to work
SSDI federal disability program sponsored by social security
CSRS disability program for federal employees who work in civil service
benefit period maximum amount of time that benefits will be paid to the injured or ill person for the disability
lien legal claim on the property of another for the payment of a debt
voluntary disability insurance form of disability insurance that may be purchased for persons residing and working in states that do not have state disability insurance programs
state disability insurance program that is part of an employment security program that provides temporary cash benefits for workers suffering a wage loss due to off the job illness or injury
disability income insurance form of health insurance providing periodic payments under certain conditions when the insured is unable to work because of a non-work related injury or illness
sub rosa films video surveillence
compromise and release settlement made after the case is rated for permanent disability
medical service order form filled out by the employer and given to the physician to authorize permission to treat
first treatment medical report report sent by the physician to the workers' compensation insurance carrier after the initial visit and treatment of the injure/ill worker
supplemental report report sent by the physician to the workers' compensation carrier to provide information regarding the current status of the patient
insurance adjuster person at the workers' compensation carrier to authorize permission to treat
case manager healthcare professional assigned to workers' compensation insurance carrier after the initial visit and treatment of the injured/ill worker
permanent and stationary statement declaring that the damage of an employee's injury/illness is permanent, the patient has recovered to the fullest extent possible, and the physician is unable to do anything more for the patient
employers report of occupationa injury/illness form used by the employer to report the injury/illness to the workers' compensation insurance carrier
adjudication final determination of the issues involving settlement of an industrial accident or illness
3 types of physicians who conduct medical legal evaluations AME (agreed medical evaluator), IME (independent medical evaluator), and QME (qualified medical evaluator)
who is the primary payor in a work related injury workmans' comp
who does the insurance contract exist between physician and the insurance company
are you required to report an industrial injury or illness yes
what type of benefit is provided to an injured worker to help strengthen and regain employment vocational rehab benefits
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