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AHSGE SS Objective I

Pre-colonial and Colonial

What European movement resulted in exposure to Middle Eastern and Asian goods after a failed attempt to take awau the Holy Lands from the Muslims? Crusades
What European movement resulted in new art, technology, and a return to classical thought? Renaissance
What European movement resulted in the rise of the Portestant religion? Reformation
What terms are used to describe the exchange of goods between Europe and the Americas after Columbus's discovery? Columbian Exchange
What were the Spanish explorers called who searched for "God, glory, and gold?" conquistadors
What was the name of the first American settlement by Europeans? St. Augustine
What was the first successful English settlement in the New World in 1607? Jamestown
What was the legislature of the Virginia colony, which was the first representative government in the New World? House of Burgesses
What was the amin reaso for the American colonies protestation against British rule taxation
What war put the English into debt and forced them to tax and closely monitor the troops of Boston? French and Indian War
What acts enforced on the colonies after the French and Indian War stated that they could only trade with Great Britain? Navigation Acts
What occurred n 1770 that resulted in 5 colonists being shot and killed by British troops in Boston? Boston Massacre
In 1773 Bostonian protested the Tea Act by staging what famous event? Boston Tea Party
The first skirmishes of the Revolutionary War occurred in what two towns? Lexington, Concord
Religious revival in the colonies in the mid 1700s which led to greater unity betweent the colonies Great Awakening
His famous speech, "Give me liberty, or me death," inspired many to fight for independence Patrick Henry
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