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kidneys function filter blood from renal arteries; produce urine as waste
ureters transmits urine to bladder
urethra through which urine passes out of body
renal capsule thin but tough covering for kidneys
cortex outer portion of kidney
medulla inner portion of kidney; made of segments: renal pyramids
renal pyramids in medulla; contain collecting ducts that drain urine to minor calyces; pyramids separated by RENAL COLUMNS
renal columns separate renal pyramids in medulla
minor calyces converge --> ____ --> ____ major calyces --> RENAL PELVIS
renal pelvis becomes... portion of kidney that narrows to become URETER
retroperitoneal position of kidney: within abdominal cavity, posterior to peritoneal cavity
males: major structures of pelvic cavity urinary bladder, prostate, rectum
females: structures of pelvic cavity ovaries, uterine tubes, uterus, vagina, bladder, rectum
testes lie within _______ scrotum
scrotum outside of pelvic cavity behind penis, contain testes
vas deferen tubes connecting testes to rest of male reproductive system by transporting sperm from EPIDIDYMIS --> URETHRA
seminal vesicles paired glands that joins w/ vas deferens --> ejaculatory ducts
ejaculatory ducts composted of VAS DEFERENS & SEMINAL VESICLES; empty into prostate gland
prostate gland to which ejaculatory ducts empties; allows semen to pass into URETHRA
urethra's 3 regions prostatic, membranous, spongy urethra
prostatic urethra as urethra passes through prostate
membranous urethra as urethra passes through muscular floor of pelvis
spongy urethra urethra passes out of pelvis and through penis
penis composed of ________ tissues erectile tissues
penis's 3 chambers 2 corpora cavernosa (paired), corpus spongiosum
corpora cavernosa paired upper chambers of penis; close in contact throughout penis, @ base, diverge to attach to inferior rami
corpus spongiosum 3rd chamber of penis, surround URETHRA when emerges from pelvis --> forms GLANS
glans at bottom/ tip of penis, formed by corpus spongiosum
uterine tubes = fallopian tubes in humans; 2 uterine tubes join to form body of uterus
cervix muscle ring= most inferior portion of uterus
vagina muscular tube that connects uterus to exterior; =birth canal & sex organ
labia majora skin-covered structure surrounding vulva (external genitalia)
labia minora internal of labia majora; merge to form clitoris
clitoris small erectile organ derived from embryological structure w/ penis; formed from labia minora merge
external urethra orifice opening of urethra; posterior to clitoris, anterior to vagina opening
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