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Legal and Ethics


civil law legal relationships between people, protects rights
criminal law dealing with wrongs against a person, property, or society
tort a wrongful act not involving a contract
malpractice the failure to use the degree of skill expected, resulting in injury - bad practice
ex of malpractice MD not giving tetanus shot when pt. comes in w/ puncture wd.
negligence failure to give care that is normally expected, resulting in injury
ex of a tort practicing w/out license, misuse narcotics, theft, murder
ex of negligence falls and injuries occur when siderails are left down
assault a threat or attempt to injure
battery the unlawful touching of another person w/out consent
invasion of privacy unnecessary exposure or revealing info w/out pt consent
informed consent permission granted voluntarily after the procedure and all risks are explained
false imprisonment restraining an individual or restricting their freedom
types of abuse physical, mental, verbal, sexual
abuse care that results in physical harm, pain, or mental anguish
defamation of character false statement about a person that may damage their reputation, could occur in error
slander spoken information
libel written information
contract agreement between two or more parties
three parts of a contract offer, acceptance, consideration
implied understood without being verbally expressed
expressed stated in clear terms either orally or written
ex of legal disablities minor, mentally incompetent, unconscious ppl, under influence of drugs that alter mental state
principle employer
agent employee
principles responsibility actions of agent; can be required to compensate injuries by actions of agent
breach of contract leads to legal action
privilaged communications all info given to health care workers by a patient; only shared with members of hc team
info must be reported births, deaths, abuse, std's, and contagious illnesses
errors single line, initials, date
computers in health care difficult to maintain confedentiality; many ppl haev access to computerized records
safegaurds limiting access, use of codes to access certain info, passwords, monitoring use
a legal document in court health records
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