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LOFM Chapter 15

The Language of Medicine Ninth Edition

calc/o calci/o calcium
kyph/o humpback, hunchback (posterior curvature in the thoracic region0
lamin/o lamina(part of the vertebral arch)
lord/o curve, swayback(anterior curvature in the lumbar region)
lumb/o loins, lower back
myel/o bone marrow
orth/o straight
oste/o bone
scoli/o crooked, bent (lateral curvature)
spondyl/o (used to make words about conditions of the structure) vertebra
vertebr/o (used to describe the structure itself) vertebra
-blast embryonic or immature cell
-clast to break
-listhesis slipping
-malacia softening
-physis to grow
-porosis pore, passage
-tome instrument to cut
acetabul/o acetabulum (hip socket)
calcane/o calcaneus (heel)
carp/o carpals (wrist bone)
clavicul/o clavicle (collar bone)
cost/o ribs (true ribs, false ribs, and floating ribs)
crani/o cranium (skull)
femor/o femur (tight bone)
fibul/o fibula (smaller lower leg bone)
humer/o humerus (upper arm bone)
ili/o ilium (upper part of pelvic bone)
ischi/o ischium (posterior part of pelvic bone)
malleol/o malleolus (process on each side of the ankle)
mandibul/o mandible (lower jawbone)
maxill/o maxilla (upper jawbone)
metacarp/o metacarpals (hand bones)
metatars/o metatarsals (foot bone)
olecran/o olecranon (elbow)
patell/o patella (kneecap)
pelv/i pelvis (hipbone)
perone/o fibula(smaller of the two lower leg bones)
phalang/o phalanges (finger and/or toe bones)
pub/o pubis (anterior part of the pelvic bone)
radi/o radius (forearm bone- thumb side)
scapul/o scapula (shoulder bone)
stern/o sternum (breastbone)
tars/o tarsals (bones of the hindfoot)
tibi/o tibia (shin bone -- larger of the two lower leg bones)
uln/o ulna (forearm bone -- little finger side)
ankyl/o stiff
arthr/o joint
articul/o joint
burs/o bursa (sac of fluid near a joint; promotes smooth sliding of one tissue against another)
chondr/o cartilage
ligamet/o ligament
rheumat/o watery flow
ten/o tendon
tendin/o tendon
-desis to bind, tie together
-stenosis narrowing
Created by: ADRIANAF