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Folk and Pop Culture

Folk Culture Much variation from Place to Place Little variation from Time to Time Little variation from Person to Person
Popular Culture Little variation from Place to Place Much variation from Time to Time Much variation from Person to Person
Characteristics of Culture: Learned Culture in not genetically inherited; it is not instinctive.
Characteristics of Culture: Universal Every human being has culture; it is part of being human.
Characteristics of Culture: Unique No two cultures are exactly alike; they vary geogrphically.
Characteristics of Culture: Integrative Cultural traits form a cultural system; a change in one trait influences others.
Characteristics of Culture: Dynamic Cultural is never static, but some cultures change faster than others.
Characteristics of Culture: Symbolic Culture is passed on through the generations.
Ethnocentrism Judgmental perspective
A Judgmental Perspective Judge other and their way of life from the perspective of your own culture.
Cultural Relativisim Non-Judgmental Perspective
A Non-Judgmental Perspective Judge others and their way of life through the eyes of the people who live that way.
Assimilation Process through which people lose differntiating traits
Culture Appropriation Adopt Customs and knowledge and use them for their own benefit.
Commodification not regarded as an object to be bought or sold becomes an object that can be.
Authenticity The Picture perfect idea, not as it seems
Language great unifer or disunifer
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