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The Eye

Parts Of

What are the Outer Layers and Associated Structures of the eye? 1. Lacrimal; 2. Extrinsic Muscle; 3. Conjunctiva; 4. Sclera; 5. Cornea
What are the functions of the Lacrimal glands? Tears ---> prevent Infection
How many Extrinsic Muscles are there? 6: 4 Rectus, 2 Oblique
What is the histology of the Conjunctiva? Mucous Membrane and Blood Vessels
Where is the Conjunctiva located and what does it look like? Outermost membrane, not visible unless Blood Vessels are dilated/irritated
What is teh function of the Conjunctiva? Seals the Orbit
What is tehfunction of the Sclera? to support Spherical shape
What is the Histology of the Sclera? Dense, Irregular CT
What does the Cornea look like and where is it located? Transparent, Convex - Anterior circle of Sclera
What is the Histology of the Cornea? Dense, Regular CT
What is the function of the Cornea? Preliminary Focus (close/far) - refraction of light
What are the layers of the Middle Eye? 1. Choroid; 2. Ciliary Body; 3. Lens; 4. Iris
What is the Histology of the Choroid? Areolar CT, Melanin, Ciliary Vessels
What is the function of the Choroid? supplies o2 to Sclera, Absorbs Light
Where is the Choroid located? between the Sclera and Retina
What is the Histology of the Ciliary Body? serrated ring of Smooth Muscles
Where is the Ciliary Body located? Anterior portion of Choroid
What is the function of the Ciliary Body? supports the Lens
What is the Histology of the Lens? Avascular, Stratified Squamous Epithelium and Protein fibers
How does the Lens change its shape? via Ciliary Muscles
What happens to the Lens over time? Lees Pliable, Cloudy/Opaque
What is the function of the Lens? Focus and Refract light
What structure holds the Lens in place? Suspensory Ligaments
Where is the Iris located? attached to Ciliary Body
What is the Histology of the Iris? Circular Smooth Muscle: Constricts; Radial Smooth Muscle: Dilates
What structure creates the pupil? The center/hole of the Iris
What creates eye color? Brown: Melanin; Blue: light refracting off Aqueous Humor
What structures are located in the Inner Eye? 1. Retina 2. Optic Nerve
What structures are part of the Retina? 1. branches of Central Artery; 2. Macula Lutea; 3. Central Fovea; 4. Optic Disc
What structures make up the Photoreceptor layer of the Retina? Rods: B&W; Cones: Color
Where is the Macula Lutea located and what is its function? Center of Retina - where Most Light is directed - Not crossed by Blood Vessels
Where is the Central Fovea located and what is its function? inside Macula - highest Cone Density
Where is the Optic Disc located and what is its function? at Optic Nerve - Blind Spot (devoid of Rods and Cones)
What is the function of the Optic Nerve? Sensory Receptor of the Eye
What protects the Optic Nerve? Meninges: Dura, Arachnoid, Pia
Where is Aqueous Humor located? Anterior Segment
What produces Aqueous Humor? produced by processes of Ciliary Body
What is the function of Aqueous Humor? maintain Shape of Cornea
What is the canal of Schlemm? Drain Aqueous Humor ---> Anterior Ciliary Veins leaving Eye
Where is Vitreous Humor located? Posterior Segment of Eye
Where is Vitreous Humor made? ONLY during Embryonic stage
What is the composition of Vitreous Humor? glassy, Gel material w/ Phagocytic Cells
What is the function of Vitreous Humor? supports Shape of Retina, Removes Cellular debris
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