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SAT Word Power List 5

balm adj/n something that heals or comforts; soothing; an oil or ointment
beget v to give birth to; to create
beleaguer v to besiege; beset; surround, harass
bereave v/adj suffering the death of a loved one; left alone
beset v to harass, to surround
bizarre adj extremely unconventional or far-fetched
blather v to talk nonsensically
bleak adj depressing, discouraging, harsh, cold, barren, raw
bludgeon v/n to hit or attack with heavy impact, a short, heavy thick club that has one end larger than the other
bucolic adj rural or rustic in nature; country-like
On the War Path From the mid 1800s. Means: in a very angry mood or infuriated
On Top of the World From the early 1900s. Means: Feeling extremely happy
On the Fritz From the early 1900s. Means: broken, out of order, not working
On the Hot Seat Refers to the Electric Chair. Means: in a difficult or uncomfortable position and subject to a lot of unpleasant questions and personal attacks
On the Rocks From the 1800s. Means: financially ruined or wrecked, near disaster; finished
Created by: JWeston
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