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Quiz #5

Absolutism -absolute rule
Henry IV Who - King of France When - 17th century Where - France Sign.: - enacted Edict of Nantes - was a popular king
Louis XIV Ascended to throne at age of four
Cardinal Richelieu
Duke of Sully Who - Assisted Henry IV When - 16/17th century Where - France Sign.: - worked to upgrade infrastructure - helped in France's economic matters
Jean Baptiste Colbert
Elizabeth I Who - Queen of England When - early 17th century Where - England Sign.: - was a "capable" ruler - provided law and order - foreign policy against Catholic Spain
James I Who - King of England/brother of Charles I When - Late 17th century Where - England Sign.: - attempted to revive divine right rule when the people of England didn't like that shit
Charles I Who - King of England When - 17th century Where - England Sign.: - Charles I didn't listen to Parliament - Parliament sets its place in sharing power with the King - illegally raised money and imprisoned his opponents/ denied them juries
Charles II Who - King of England; son of Charles I When - 17th century Where - England Sign.: - England went back to ruling under a king who was a descendant of the previous one
Oliver Cromwell Who? - Dictator of England When - 17th century Where - England Why Charles I executed Sign.: - ruled England as military dictatorship - displayed intolerance toward angilican religion
Thomas Hobbes Who - English Philosopher When: Mid-17th century Where: England Sign: - contributed political philosophy
Created by: anieves