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Mack Gov Ch 17 Rvw

Elections and Campaigns

When are Federal Elections held? First Tuesday after the First Monday in November of every Even-Numbered Year
How is the number of total electoral votes for the nation determined? It is equal to the total number of representatives and senators in each state plus 3 for Washington D.C.
What is the most important tool for communication used by candidates today? television
Who is responsible for the overall strategy and planning of a national campaign? campaign manager
What agency keeps records of political contributions? Federal Elections Commission (FEC)
Do candidates have to keep report all political contributions? yes
What groups are designed to support political candidates with campaign contributions? Political Action Commitees (PACs)
What kinds of contributions raise questions that have led to controversy because of how the money is raised and spent? soft money
What act was designed to eliminate soft money from federal campaigns and restrict issue-advocacy advertisements? Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act
Who did the Founders intend to be voters in the United States? white, male property owners
What is absolutely vital to have a successful democracy? voting
What amendment gave women the right to vote? 19th Amendment
What are the words that mean the right to vote that start with "f" or "s" franchise, suffrage
What amendment gave African Americans the right to vote? 15th Amendment
What amendment gave adults ages 18 and up the right to vote? In other words, it lowered the voting age from 21 to 18 in many places. 26th Amendment
What outlawed literacy tests? Voting Rights Act of 1965
What outlawed poll taxes in national elections? 24th Amendment
What was one of the most effective suffrage laws passed in the U.S.A.? Voting Rights Act
What kind of voter is considered a weak party voter? independents
What kind of voter is caught between issues? cross-pressured voter
What greatly influences some voters? party loyalty
How do people who are strongly loyal to a party vote? straight-ticket or straight-party voting
What has helped many modern voters to be more informed about political issues? television
What ultimately was the issue Reagan used to defeat Carter? economic issues
What is the word for ideas, information, or rumors that are used to influence opinion? propaganda
How does propaganda use information? In a way that supports a predetermined objective
When candidates quote only statistics that support their position, this propaganda technique is called card stacking
When candidates point out that one reason to support them is they already have the support of the majority, they are using this propaganda technique. bandwagon
When candidates start wearing jeans and plaid shirts to show they identify with the lower class and middle class they are using this propaganda technique. "plain folks"
What court case argued that an individual had the right to spend as much money on their own campaign as they wished, equating campaign spending with free speech? Buckley v Valeo
What court case argued that groups could anonymously spend as much as they wanted on issue ads (avoiding "magic" words) as part of their free speech? Citizens United
In what kind of election do members of a party, and only members of the party, choose its candidate? closed primary
In what kind of election do voters get to choose the candidate of any one party, regardless of whether they are a party member? open primary
Created by: Mr McNair
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