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Pharmacology T/P

Review for NRCCS Test

study of drugs pharmacology
study of characteristics on natural drugs and their sources pharmacognosy
study of drugs do to the body pharmacodynamics
what body does to the drug pharmacokinetics
the study of how drugs are used to treat disease pharmacotherapeutics
study of poisons or the poisonous effects of drugs toxicology
examples of plant-derived drugs digitoxin and quinine
drugs derived from animal substances thyroid hormone and insulin
drug is derived from a mineral source potassium chloride
drugs made from bacteria and fungi cephalosporins and penicillins
the interaction between the drug and target cells or tissues and the body's response pharmacodynamics
which of the following must you understand to explain to a patient the reasons for taking a particular drug with food or with plenty of water pharmacokinetics
the process of converting a drug from its dose form, such as a tablet or capsule,into a form the body can use absorption
the process by which drug molecules are transformed into simpler products metabolism
how body absorbs, metaokize, distributes and excretes a drug pharmacokinetics
intradermal drugs are absorved through the: skin
what is affected by sisease, a patient's age, genetic makeup and characteristic of a drug metabolism of a drun
drugs that are administered intamuscularly are absorded through the muscle
most drugs are metabolzed in the liver
process of transporting a drug from its administration site to its site of action distribution
what describes the manner in which a drug is eliminated from the body excretion
which area of pharmocology is also called clinical pharmacology pharmacotherapeutics
what is a drugs official name the generic name
another name for the trade name of a drug is brand or proprietary name
pertaining to the length of the time between dosing and the availability of a drug in the bloodstream distribution
which name is selected by its manufacturer, is protected by copright, and is the property of the manufacturer trade name
when a manufacturer produces a new drug, no other manufacturer can make or sell the frug for how many years? 17 years
which is the purpose or reason for using a drug? the indication
the category of pharmacologic activity for amoxicillin is: antibiotic
the category of pharmacologic activity for burosemide is diuretic
the pharmacologic activity of ranitidine HCLis histmine H2 receptor antagonist
Examples on analgesics are: Tylenol, dilaudid, MS Contin, Percocet
What is the action of an anesthetic it prevents the sensation of pain
Tujms and Riopan are examples of antacids
the category of pharmacologic activity for dixogin is cardiotonic
Which drug category normalie the hertbeat in cases of certain cardiac arrhythmia antiarrhythmic
the examples of anicoagulent Lovenox, Hep-lock, and Caumadin
the action of an antacid is to neutralize the stomach acid
the action of an analgesic is to relieve mild to severe pain
the action of a diuretic is increase urinary output, reduces blood pressure and cardiac output
the action of an anti-emetic controls psychotic symptoms
Which category of drug therapy a drug is prescrube to prevent a disease or condition, as with immniation or birth control drugs prophylactic
which type of drug therapy a drug is prescribed to improve a life-trreatening or serious condition, as with epinephrine for severe allergic reaction. acute
Which category of drug therapy a drug is prescrube to reduce teh severity fo a condition or its accompanying pain, as with morphine for cancer palliative
which presents information that closely resembles drug package inserts on more than 2500 prescription drugs Physicians' Desk Reference
The official source of drug standards in the United States and its published every five years United States Pharmacopeia/ National Formulary
Which schedule of controlled substances contains drugs with a high abuse potentual is legal only for reasearch Schedule I
Which schedule of controlled substance contains drugs that can cause physical or psychological dependence, but do have therapeutic uses, for which they requere prescriptions? Schedule II
Which of the following drugs are Schedule II of controlled substances? Demerol and Morphine
Drugs that belong to which schedule of controlled substance have a low abuse potenial and are dispensed lie other nonopioid prescription drugs? Schedule V
Which of the following drugs are Schedule III of controlled substances? Didrex, Butisol, Virilon
Antitussives and Adtidiarrheals tha tcontains small amounts of opioids, suc as codeine, belong to whichshcedule of controlled substances Schedule V
which part of a presription includes the name of the drug and the amount? the inscription
which part of the prescription contains the patients instructions the transcription
What would you do to secure the handlin of prscription pads? suggest that thephysician write prescirbed amounts of medication in both numerals and words
Which of the following would you include when educating patients about drugs? tell pt whether the drug should be taken with or without food
the action of antihypertensive drug is to reduce blood pressure
the action of antipyretic drug is reduce fever
exemples of cathartics(purgative) drugs are Ducolax and Milk of Magnesia
which drugs belon to the category of diuretics? Hydrodiuril, Lasix, Mannitol
What category does Demerol/meperidine hydrochlorid belongs to? sedative, analgesic
what category does Dulcolax/busocaodyl belongs to? laxative
what drug category does Cyanocabalamin/ Vitamin B12 belong? vitamin supplement
what drug category does Librax/ Chlordiazepoxide HCL and clidinium bromide belong? anticholinergic
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