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Cianci- Rowell

Enlightened Absolutism

Who saw himself as the "First Servant of the State?" Frederick the Great of Prussia
Frederick allowed what religious groups to settle in his predominatly Lutheran country? Catholics and Jews
What was Frederick's objective in ordering a new codification of Prussian law? It was to rationalizr the existing legal system and make it more efficient, eliminating regional peculiarities, reducing aristocratic influence, abolishing torture and limiting the number of capital crimes.
October 1781 Joseph extended freedom of worship to Lutherans, Calvinists and the Greek Orthodox.
What were Joseph's main goals to reduce traditional and burdens on peasants? To make them more productive and industrious farmers.
1767 Catherine the Great of Russia summoned a legislative commision to advise her on revising the law and government of Russia.
1775 Catherine reorganized local government to solve problems the legislative commission had brought to light.
1769 As a result of a mnor Russian incursion, the Ottoman Empire declared war on Russia.
The conflict dragged on until 1774 when what gave Russia a direct outlet on the Black Sea, free navigation rights in its waters, and free access through the Bosporus. The Treat of Kuchuk-Kainardji
September 1772 The helpless Polish aristicrats, paying the price for maintaining internal liberties at the expense of developing a strong central government, ratified this seizure of nearly 1/3 of Polish territory.
What clearly demonstrated that any nation without a strong monarchy, bureacracy, and army could no longer compete within the European state system. The partition of Poland
Frederick the Great grew remote, leaving who to fill important military and admiinistrative posts? The Aristocracy
In Austria, Joseph II's plans to restructure society and administration in his realms prvoked what? Growning frustration and political unrest
Between 1773-1775 Russia faced a peasant uprising, The Pugachev Rebellion and Catherine the Great never fully recovered from the fears of social and political upheaval that it raised.
Created by: Cianci