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Chapt. 4

Rights to speech, privacy, marriage PROTECTION of Rights Civil Liberties
Right to be free of discrimination Civil Rights
Being a citizen of both the state and Federal govt. separately Dual Citizenship
Provides a single national citizenship Fourteenth Amendment
Process in which courts have applied the bill of rights to the states Incorporation Doctrine
A person may practice freedom of religion; With the Establishment Clause Free Exercise Clause
Being tried twice for the same crime Double Jeopardy
Being read your legal rights when taken into custody Miranda Rule
Public places may be segregated if they are equal Separate but Equal Rights
Designed to redress historic injustices against a specific group Ex: Civil Rights Bill protecting blacks from further injustice Affirmative Action
Segregation that is a outcome of political policy or law De Jure Segregation
Segregation as a result of social influences De Facto Segregation
The power of the govt. to limit freedom of speech in time of national emergency. Clear and Present Danger Doctrine
Reporter rights to refuse to testify as to information gained Shield Laws
Police can only obtain evidence through a search warrant Exclusionary Rule
Information that has been obtained through the breaking of privacy rights may be admitted into court if it is under good faith Good Faith Exception
Taxes on voting polls Poll tax
Gov. performing tests on potential citizens States providing tests for voters Literacy Test
Grandfathering in laws Grandfather Clause
In the south primaries in which non-whites could not attend White Primary
Purposed amendment that was not ratified that would make women equal to men Equal Rights Amendment 1929
Civil Rights in voting, employment, public accommodations, and educations Civil Rights act of 1964
African American Civil Right Group NAACP
Justified Segregation Separate but Equal Doctrine
Outlaw of Discriminatory voting practices Voting Right Act of 1965
Law Legalizing discrimination even after the 14th amendment Jim Crow Laws
Made to test Statues and gov. action at all govt. levels Strict Scrutiny Standard
States that a person has the right to privacy as implied by the constitution Implied Rights to Privacy
1st Amendment applies to the right to practice religion of choice and govt. can't make laws about it Establishment Clause
Written mean things Libel
Spoken Mean things slander
Reduces restriction on govt. being able to search telephone, email, medical, and financial records Patriot Act
Students cannot be discriminated on due to gender Title IX Higher Education Act (1972)
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