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HCPCS Level II codes

Ms. Moneybags Level II Coding

Acronym or TermDefinition
DMEPOS Durable Medical Equpiment Prosthetics Orthotics and Supplies
Enteral Therapy administration of nutritional products directly into the small intestines
Prosthetic designed to replace a missing body part or to restore some function to a paralyzed body part
air ambulance a helicopter or other flight vehicle used to transport severely injured or ill persons to a hospital
base call charge the amount automatically charged for an ambulance to respond to a call even if the patient is not subsequently transported
Chemotherapy drugs drugs administered to help fight cancer and other serious diseases
DME(Durable Medical Equipment) an item that can be used for an extended period of time without significant deterioration(it can stand repeated use)
Orthotics devices used to straighten or correct a deformity or disability
Parenteral Therapy therapy that involves administering substances to a patient via a tube inserted into a vein (ie-medications or nutritional supplements)
INH Inhaled solution
HCPCS Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System
INJ injection
IA intra-arterial
IM intramuscular
IT intrathecal
IV intravenous
ORAL orally
OTH other
SC subcutaneous
VAR various
3 Levels of HCPCS Level I (CPT) ; Level II (National codes); Level III (CMS local codes deleted 12/31/03)
3 most common types of IV administration IV gravity; IV Infusion; IV push
Created by: msmoneybags