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Anatomy -T4

GU System

The Left Kidney sits more inferior in the abdomen b/c of the spleen. T or False False: Right Kidney b/c of Liver
The ureters sit _________ in regards to the common iliac arteries? Anterior
True or False: The kidneys are located retroperitoneal on the posterior wall of the abdominal wall and Murphy's Sign is a test for Nephrolithiasis? False: Murph's Punch Test (Murphy's sign is used for gallstones)
What is the outermost layer surrounding the kidney b/t the renal fascia and peritoneum? Paranephric Fat // Renal fascia // Perinephric Fat // Fibrous Capsule
The typical kidney contains how many renal pyramids(medullary pyramids)? 8-15
What is the correct arterial pathway to and through the kidney ending with the interlobular vein? Renal A > Segmental A > InterlobAR A > Arcuate A > InterlobULar A > Afferent Arteriole > Glomerulus > Efferent A > Peritubular capillaries and Vasa Recta(make me think rectum lower=nephron loop) > Interlobular V.
The name of the structure where the afferent arteriole enters and plasma is filtered is called? Bowman's Capsule // Glomerulus // Kidney duct // none of the above
The capillary supply to the kidney the efferent arterioles branch into one of two capillary networks, which one resides in the medulla and is associated with the nephron loop? Vasa Recta // other one is Peritubular Capillaries - Cortex & convoluted tubules
How many nephrons are in each kidney? Millions // Thousands // Hundreds // Hundred-Thousands
True or False: About 15% of all nephrons are cortical nephrons and the other 85% lie near the corticomedullary junction known as Juxtamedullary nephrons? False: Cortical Nephrons =85% of all nephrons only small portion entrs kidney medulla // Juxtamedullary Nephrons = bowmans capsule near corticomedullary juction with long nephron loop deep into medulla
Where is the distal convoluted tubule located in the kidney? Cortex // Medulla // ureter // Renal Papilla
The renal corpuscle has two poles, what is the name of the pole that the afferent and efferent arterioles go in and out? Vascular Pole // Tubular pole is the other side
The glomerular capsule is comprised of two layers, the visceral layer is comprised of a specialized cells, what is there name? Podocytes = have long processes called PEDICELS that wrap around aterioles but do not completely ensheathe it.
All the tubules in the kidney are lined with simple cuboidal epithelium except which one? Thin limbs of Nephron Loop (simple squamous epithelium)
Where is plasma proteins, vitamins and glucose reabsorbed with in the Nephron structure? Proximal Convoluted tubules
What is important in the regulation of blood pressure with in the Nephron? Juxtaglomerular Apparatus (Juxtaglomerular cells and Macula Densa)
What SENSORY and AUTONOMIC fibers innervate the kidney and what dermatome is involved? Renal Plexus // dermatome T10 - T12
The ureter is composed of three layers Mucosa, Muscularis, and Adventitia; where does it enter the urinary bladder? Posterolateral wall of the urinary bladder
The cross section of the ureter looks like what? A star fish
Where does the Urinary bladder lie in respects to the uterus and vagina? AnteroInferior to Uterus // Directly anterior to the vagina
What is defined by the two ureteral openings and the urethral opening at the posteroinferior triangular area of the urinary bladder? Trigone (the tri (3-things) that need to be GONE)
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