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Barb ML Session 5

Stack #74954

hil/o hilum (indentation in an organ)
ren/o kidney
urin/o urine; urinary system
-ary pertaining to
retro- behind, backward
peritone/o peritoneum
-al pertaining to
cortic/o cortex (outer region)
medull/o medulla (inner region)
calic/o calix
-eal pertaining to
pelv/o pelivs (hip bone; renal pelvis)
-ic pertaining to
ureter/o ureter
-al pertaining to
peri- around
-stasis process of contraction
vesic/o bladder; fluid-filled sac
mucos/o mucous membrane
urethr/o urethra
extern/o outside
prostat/o prostrate gland
pen/o penis
-ile pertaining to
genit/o genitalia
excret/o removing from the body
glomerul/o glomerulus
electr/o electricity
-lyte dissolved substance
filtrat/o filtering; straining
-ion action; condition
filtr/o filter
proxim/o near the center or point of origin
tub/o tube
-ule small thing
tubul/o tube; small tube
-ar pertaining to
re- again and again; backward; unable to
absorpt/o absorb or take in
dist/o away from the center or point of origin
-ation a process; being or having
micturi/o making urine
-in a substance
erythr/o red
-poietin a substance that forms
nephr/o kidney; nephron
ur/o urine; urinary system
-itis inflammation of
-osis condition; abnormal condition; process
-ectasis condition of dilation
lith/o stone
-iasis state of; process of
calcul/o stone
gen/o arising from; produced by
-esis condition
col/o colon
-ic pertaining to
-pathy disease, suffering
diabet/o diabetes
scler/o hard; sclera (white of the eye)
-ptosis state of prolapse or drooping; falling
poly- many, much
cyst/o bladder; fluid-filled sac
congenit/o present at birth
pyel/o renal pelvis
cancer/o cancer
-ous pertaining to
carcin/o cancer
-oma tumer, mass
necr/o death
chron/o time
-emia condition of the blood; substance in the blood
-emic ptertaining to the blood or a substance in the blood
blast/o immature; embryonic
interstiti/o spaces within tissue
radi/o radius (forearm bone); x-rays; radiation
-cele hernia
retent/o keep; hold back
vagin/o vagina
albumin/o albumin
protein/o protein
an- without; not
-ia condition; state, thing
bacteri/o bacterium
dys- painful, difficult, abnormal
enur/o to urinate in
glycos/o glucose
hemat/o blood
micr/o small
scop/o examine with an instrument
hemoglobin/o hemoglobin
hypo- below; deficient
kal/i potassium
contin/o hold together
-ence state of
keton/o ketones
noct/o night
olig/o scanty
py/o pus
infect/o disease within
hydr/o water; fluid
olig/o scanty
sensitiv/o affected by; sensitive to
acid/o acid (low pH)
alkal/o base (high pH)
-meter instrument used to measure
refract/o bend or deflect
hyal/o clear glass-like substance
-ine pertaining to
-graphy process of recording
-ory having the function of
-gram a record or picture
-grade going
retro- behind, backward
tom/o a cut, slice, or layer
angi/o blood vessel, lymphatic vessel
arteri/o artery
ultra- beyond; higher
son/o sound
-metry process of measuring
metr/o measurement
catheter/o catheter
-ization process of making, creating, or inserting
supra- above
pub/o pubis (hip bone)
-ic pertaining to
dia- complete; completely through
-lysis process of breaking down or dissolving
hem/o blood
lys/o break down or dissolve
-ate composed of, pertaining to
ambulat/o walking
-ory having the function of
suspens/o hanging
-ion action; condition
-ectomy surginal excision
radic/o all parts including the root
-al pertaining to
-scopy process of using and instrument to examine
-scope an instrument used to examine
transplant/o move something to another place
-ation a process; being or having
lith/o stone
-tripsy proess of crushing
-triptor thing that crushes
extra- outside of
corpor/o body
-eal pertaining to
-tomy process of cutting or making an incision
-pexy process of surgically fixing in place
-opsy process of viewing
per- through; throughout
cutane/o skin
Created by: bkriebel