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Formative Influences on the Enlightment

What were some chief factors that fostered the ideas of the enlightment? Political stability and commercial prosperity of Great Britain after 1688, administrative and economic reform in France after the wars of Louis XIV and consolidation of the print culture were some factors.
What did Newton encourage natural philosophers to avoid? He encouraged them to avoid metaphysics and supernaturalism.
How did humans enter the world according to Locke? They entered with a tabula rusa (blank page).
What was the behaviorist theory? It implied that human nature is changeable and can be molded by modifying the surrounding physical and social environment.
England permitted religious toleration to all except who? Unitarians and Roman Catholics
What was the print culture? Books, Journals, Newspapers, and pamphlets, and it increased in Europe during mid-eighteenth century especially in Britain.
Where would people go discuss and write ideas? Coffeehouses
Successful authors of the Enlightment addressed themselves to who? Monarchs, Nobles, the upper middle classes and professional groups.
What is public opinion? The collective effect on political and social life of views circulated in print and discussed in the home, the workplace, and centers of leisure.
What did the Continental European Governments do? They censored books and newspapers, confiscated offending titles and imprisoned offending authors.
Created by: Cianci