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C-130 Drop

Drop syllabus

ARSK MA-3 (Modified) Aerial Sea Rescue Kit
Describe ARSK MA-3 (Modified) two POD-8 life rafts and two waterproof survival equipment supply containers.
How long will the ARSK-24 MA-3(modified) and ARSK-24 MA-3 stay afloat? 6 hours.
How are the MA-3 (modified) containers interconnected? by three 250-foot long buoyant polypropylene lines.
Total length of MA-3 (modified) kit? 750 feet when fully deployed.
Describe MA-1 (ADR-8) Life Raft A single POD-8 place aerial drop raft.
What size shoot is used for the MA-1 (ADR8) 12 foot ADS
MA-3 (ARSK-24) five containers. One, three, & five each contain a POD-8 life raft. Two & four are waterproof survival equipment supply containers.
total length of MA-3 (ARSK-24)kit? 1000 feet when fully deployed.
How are the MA-3 containers interconnected? By four 250-foot long bouyant polypropylene lines interconnect the containers.
Contents of bag 2 & 4 for the ARSK-24 and ARSK-24 modified? Water storage bag, First aid kit, MK-124 flare, Pocket knife, Strobe light, Chapstick,Mirror(signal), Mylar space blanket, Hand pump, Mini B2 EPIRB, Rations, Raft Repair kit, Sponge, Sunblock, Water Packs, Whistle, Mirror (reflection)
MK-58 burn time 40-60 min; remove cap, pull open adhesvie strip to arm. arming lanyard in flare launch system.
MK-25 burn time 13-18min. removed cap, twist out inner ring.
State use for Mk-25/Mk-58 make a surface day or night. yellow flame/white smoke.
Flare Launch System
use of the MA-1 (ADR-8) Bag 5. POD-8 ariel drop raft. drop inflated or uninflated.
Dewatering Pump use dewater boats in danger of sinking.
describe Dewatering Pump 3-horse power, 4 cycle, electronic-igintion briggs and stratton engine and pump, output 120 gallons per minute at a 10ft suction lift. 4 to 5 hrs on 1 gallon of gas.
Parts to the Dewatering Pump 2in by 15 ft suction hose with couler and strainer. 3 in by 20ft discharge hose with check valve. two removable 5-quart fuel tanks. Instruction card/flashlight
Weight limits for the P1G container and use? 70-250lbs. 28 ADS shoot. survival gear, food, parts, etc. to vessels in distress.
Which kit can be packed into the ADS-can (A-20)? ADSK-Aerial delivery survival kit. using the 12-ft shoot. land or sea.
Created by: mandi02
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