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Neural Integration I: Sensory Pathways and the Somatic Nervous System

Motor neurons and pathways that control skeletal muscles Somatic Nervous System
Where you are in terms of space Proprioception
The arriving information from these senses Sensation
Conscious awareness of a sensation Perception
Special Senses Olfaction, Vision, Gustation, Equilibrium, Hearing
Smell Olfaction
Taste Gustation
Temperature sensations that are conducted along the same pathway that carry pain sensations Thermoreceptors
Where you feel a diaphragm injury Shoulder
Where you can feel chest pain Your arm
Where you will feel a stomach ulcer Above your bellybutton
Where most somatic sensory information is relayed to for processing thalamus
Where a small fraction of the arriving information is projected to and how it reaches our awareness The cerebral cortex
SNS the somatic motor system
Controls the contractions of skeletal muscles SNS
ANS the visceral motor system
controls visceral effectors, such as smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glands ANS
monitors propioceptive sensation, visual information from the eyes, and vestibular sensations from inner ear as movements are under way The cerebellum
Feeling the pain of one body part in another part of your body Referred pain
an example of this is when you grab a hot pan and you quickly drop it Conscious Perception
Created by: elyk01