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American Revolution

What two imperial problems did Britain face after the Trety Of Paris? the sheer cost of maintaining their empire and the vast expanse of land in North America that they had to organize
Sugar Act of 1764 under the ministry of George Grenville, this attempted to produce, more revenue from improts into colonies by rigorous tax collection of what was actually a lower tax
Stamp Act passed by Parliament which put a tax on legal documents and other items such as newspapers
The Stamp Act Congress of Oct 1765 this met in America and drew up a protest to the crown, so in 1766 the Parliament repealed the Stamp Act, but through the Declaratory Act said it had the power to legislate for the colonies
March 1770, the Boston Massacre British troops killed five citizens
Parliament of May 1773 it passes a law that permitted the direct importation of tea into the American colonies, it lowered the price of tea while retaining the tax without colonist's consent
Parliament Intolerable Acts of 1774 these colsed the port of Boston, reorganized the government of Massachusetts, allowed troops to be quartered in private homes, and removed the trials of royal customs officials to England
First Continental Congress in Sep 1774, this body hoped to persuade parliament to restore self-government in the colonies and abandon its direct supervision of colonial affairs
Second Continental Congress gathered in May 1775, began to conduct the government of the colonies, by August, George III declared the colonies in rebellion
July 4, 1776 the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, and force George Washington beat those of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown, in 1781
Why did George III make Lord North minister? Goerge tried to chose ministers he liked, between 1761 and 1770, he tried one after another until 1770 when he turned to Lord North
John Wilkes he criticized Lord Bute's handling of peace negotiations with France, he was arrested but released and expelled, he returned in 1768 and eventually reelected into Parliament in 1774
Yorkshire Association Movement founded by Christopher Wyvil, they met in a mass meeting to demand moderate changes in the corrupt system of parliament elections, movement collasped in 1780s because supporters not willing to appeal to popular support
Parliament met some demands of the Association Movemnet In April 1780, the Commons passed a resolution that called for lessening the power of the crown, and in 1782 Parliament adopted a measure for "economical" reform, which abolished some patronage at the disposla of the monarchy
William Pitt the Younger In 1783, George approached him to manage the House of Commons, elected in 1784, and in 1785 he attempted one measure of modest parliamentary reform, but failed and decided never again attempt reform
Articles of Condfederation and the federal Constitution in 1788 through these the Americans demonstrated to Europe the possibility of government without kings and hereditary nobilities
Created by: Cianci