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Mid-Eighteenth Century Wars

What started The War of Jenkins's Ear? In 1731 during a Spanish bording of an English captain, Robert Jenkins, there was a fight and his ear was cut off and he preserved it in a jar of brandy, and he showed it to the British Parliament
What started the War of the Ausrtian Succession(1740-1748)? In Dec 1740 Frederick II, king of Prussia, seized the Austrian province of Silesia in eastern Germany, shattering the provisions of the Pragmatic Sanction
What did Maria Theresa do for the Habsburg Empire? She perserved the Empire as a major politcial power, but a considerable cost to the power of the monarchy
What did Cardinal Fleury do to draw Britain into the War of Austrian Succesion? He abandonned his planned naval attack on British trade and instead support the Prussian agression against Austria
Why was this a bad decision for France? 1.) Aid to Prussia consolidated a new and powerful state in Germany 2.) Frech move against Austria brought Great Britain into the war 3.) Having chosen to continue struggle with Austria, they couldn't support themselves in the New World
What ended the war in 1748? The Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, Prussia retained Silesia, and Spain renewed Britain's privilege from the Treaty of Utrecht to import slaves into the Spanish colonies
What is the Covention of Westminister of 1756? Britain and Prussia formed a defensive alliance aimed at preventing the entry of foreign troops into the German States, and later in May, France and Austria signed a defensive alliance
What started the Seven Years' War? Frederick II ivaded Saxony as a premptive strike against a conspiracy by Saxony, Austria, and France to destroy Prussian power
What did this invasion do? In spring of 1757 France and Austria signed an alliance dedicated to the destruction of Prussia. Sweden, Russia, and many of the smaller German states joined them
Two factors saved Prussia: Britain gave financial aid and Empress Elizabeth of Russia died and her successor Tsar Peter III made peace with Prussia
Treaty of Hubertusburg of 1763 ended the continental conflict with no significant changes in prewar borders
Why was William Pitt successful in winning North America? he sent many troops their to win Canada and the Americans glady helped. Also the French governmnent didn't want to direct resources to this conflict. Also British got territory of French in West Indies and India.
Treaty of Paris of 1763? George III, earl of Bute, responsible for this, Britain recieved all of Canada, Ohio River Valley, and the eastern half of the Mississippi River Vally, but lost islands of Guadoulpe and Martinique and territory in India
Created by: Cianci