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Reproductive Male & Female

Ovaries are slightly larger than Almonds and are anchored within th epelvic cavity by several folds of peritoneum, name 4. 1. Mesovarium // 2. Broad Ligament // 3. Ovarian Ligament // 4. Suspensory Ligament
The ovary can be divided into an outer cortex and inner medulla, where is the ovarian follicles contained? Cortex
Ovarian follecles consist of an oocyte surrounded by kind of cells? Follicle cell
Round ligament is analagous to what male structure? Spermatic Cord
The secondary oocyte is usually fertilized in what part of the female anatomy? Lateral Part of the Uterine (fallopian) Tube. Not in the uterus, actually before.
What is the anatomical structure within the lateral fallopian tube where fertilization typically takes place? Ampulla - Expanded region medial to infundibulum.
Where are the Ovarian blood vessels located? W/in the Suspensory ligament of the ovary.
What are 3 functions of the uterus? 1. Ste of Implantation // 2. Supports and protects the developing embryo/fetus // 3. Ejects the fetus during labor.
What are the four support of structures of the Uterus? 1. Muscles of the pelvic floor // 2. Round ligaments // 3. Transverse cervical ligaments // 4. Uterosacral Ligaments
Uterine arteries are branches from what arteries? Internal Iliac Arteries
What are the 3 layers of the uterine wall? Perimetrium, Myometrium, Endometrium
The Endometrium is composed of 2 layers what are they and which one is sloughed during menstrual cycle? Two Layers: Basal Layer and Functional Layer // Functional Layer is shed during Menses.
The vagina is a fibromuscular tube about how long? 10cm
What is the name of the space b/t the labia minora? Vestibule
What 4 structures lay within the vestibule? Urethral opening, vaginal orifice, Pair of greater vestibular glands (glands of Bartholin), and Clitoris
Mammary Gland internally is divided into lobes which are further divided into lobules, within the lobules what is contain and responsible for milk production? Alveoli within the lobules produce milk.
give the place where milk production starts in the breast to where it leaves the nipple. Alveoli in lobules produce milk which drains into the lactiferous ducts then to lactiferous sinuses (where milk is stored), release from the nipple.
Coopers ligaments are another name for what structure? Suspensory Ligaments - support mammary gland.
Approximately how many degrees below body temperature in celsius does sperm develop successfully? 3 degrees celsius below normal body temp.
What are the structures within the spermatic cord, 4 of them? 1. Testicular Artery (branched off abdominal aorta) 2. Pampiniform Plexus 3. Cremaster Muscle 4. Autonomic nerves
A layer of smooth muscle that is part of the wall of the scrotum? Dartos Muscle
What are the 4 structures with in the spermatic cord? Ductus deferens // Pampiniform Plexus // Tisticular Artery // Testicular Nerve
Start superficial and work deep to describe the layers of the testis. Dartos M. // External spermatic fascia // Cremaster muscle within cremasteric fascia // Internal spermatic fascia // Testis and epididymis
What are two functions of the Testicles? Production of sperm // Production and secretion of Androgens (Testosterone)
What serous membrane covers each testicle anteriorly and laterally? Tunica Vaginalis // Good test question for Multiple choice b/c has vaginalis as a distractor
The ________ ________ projects into the interior of the testis as the _____ _______ through which blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and some nerves enter and leave the testis. Tunical Albuginea /// Mediastinum Testis
The Seminiferous tubules contain two types of cells, which of these cell are non-dividing support cells which assist with sperm development? Sustentacular Cells (Remember - spectacular sperm support barrier cells)
The interstitial Space is in between the seminiferous tubules and contains interstitial cells that produce what? Androgen hormones
What two structures combine to form the Ejaculatory Duct? Ampula of Ductus Deferens and Seminal Vesicle
Sperm leaving the epididymis enter the ductus deferens, what is another name for the ductus deferens? Vas Deferens
All these are divisions of the urethra except which one? Prostatic // Membranous // Spongy // Corpus Corpus
Which of these glands does NOT secrete fluids to mix with sperm to create seminal fluid that help nourish the sperm during the long journey ahead? Seminal Vesicles, Prostate gland, seminiferous tubule, bulbourethral glands Seminiferous Tubule
What produces a substance that contains nutrients for sperm and antibacterial agent? Prostate Gland
Which of these structures are abnormally normally ventral in the male anatomy? Deep Dorsal vein / Dorsal Vein, Artery, and Nerve / Corpora Cavernosa / All of the above? All of the above (Corpora cavernosa are located "dorsolaterally") in case any one questions this.
During an erection the corpora cavernosa, corpus spongiosum and the glands fill with blood which of these are paired? Corpora Cavernosa (touch both sides of the cave (vagina)
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