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SAT Word Power List 2

aftermath noun events following some occurrence; a consequence of Poverty and economic depression are usually the ___________________ of wars.
aggrandize verb to increase in size; enlarge; to cause to appear grater in power, influence Mario ____________________________ _____ his wealth by borrowing so much money and buying extravagant homes, cars abd boats that it eventually bankrupted him.
ajar noun partially open I couldn't set our home security system on because the back door was left ______________.
alienate verb to make hostile; to cause to feel unwelcome or estranged The boss ________________________ ____ his secretary by shouting at her when she made a mistake.
alleviate verb to make less severe; to relieve, to lessen Aspirin _______________________ ____ painful headaches most of the time.
allure verb/noun to entice with something desirable; tempt; power of attraction The sailors were _______________ _____ into believing that the calm, balmy seas would never become a ferocious storm.
aloof adjective distant, reserved in manner; uninvolved Most everyone thought Betty __________________ when actually she was only very shy.
also-ran noun one who is defeated in a race, election or other competition; loser Tired of always being an ______________________, Mike trained hard and finally won the annual club tennis tournament.
altercation noun a heated quarrel When the pitcher hit the batter with a fastball an ___________________________ soon broke out between both teams.
alternative noun the chose between two mutually exclusive possibilities, a situation presenting such a choice The hikers decided there was no _________________________________; they had to find shelter before the rains came.
Clean as a Whistle Idiom completed free from dirt; perfectly neat The science lab is as ____________________________________________.
Clean Bill of Health Idiom declaration of satisfactory, healthy condition, or proven innocence The gas station that inspected dad's old car gave it a __________________________________________________________
Clear the Decks Idiom to get all the minor details out of the way in order to focus on a major project. Before we can build our model representing a World War One battle field, we have to ______________________________________ of our homework.
Climb the Walls Idiom to be frustrated or anxious during a challenging situation; to be unable to endure The school assembly was so dull that all the students were _______________ing__________________________.
Clip Your Wings Idiom to end a person's privileges; to take away someone's power or freedom to do something. My mother said that if I didn't get my grades up, she was going to ___________________________________________.
Cloak-and-Dagger Idiom involving plotting and scheming; concerning or involving spies, secret agents, intrigue and mystery. Dad reads books on gardening, where Mom loves to read a good ____________________________________ story.
Created by: JWeston