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400 words

Abandon (v) Abandonment (n) desert/ leave behind
adversely (adv) adversity (n) adverse (adj) in a harmful way, negatively
aggregate (adj-n-v) amounting to a hole
cultivation (n) cultivate (v) preparing the land to grow crops; improvement for agricultural purposes.
fertilize (v) fertilizer (n) fertilization (n) to supply with nourishment for plants by adding helpful substances to the soil.
intensify (v) intensification (n) intense (adj) to increase in power, to act with increased strength
irrigation (n) irrigate (v) the supplying of water to dry land
obtain (v) to gain sth, to get sth
photosynthesis (n) photosynthesize (v) the process through which plants can get nutrients by mixing water, carbon dioxin and sunlight.
precipitation (n) water that falls to the earth's surface
anticipate (v) anticipation (n) anticipatory (adj) expect sth, predict sth
catastrophic (adj) catastrophe (n) catastrophically (adv) extremely harmful, causing financial or physical ruin
collide (v) collision (n) to come together with great or violent force
eruption (n) erupt (v) a sudden, often violent, outburst
famine (n) a severe hunger, a drastic food shortage
flood (n-v) an overflowing of water,
impact (n-v) a great influence
persevere (v) perseverance (n) persistent (adj) try hard to achieve a difficult goal despite discouragement
plunge (v-n) go down suddenly, decrease by a great amount in a short time
unleash (v) release thing, emotion
adapt (v) to adjust to the circumstances, to make suitable.
diverse (adj) various, showing a lot of differences within a group
evolve (v) to develop, to come forth
feature (n) part, characteristic
generation (n) a group of people born at a same time
inherent (a) naturally characteristic, always found within sth because it's a basic part of that thing
migration (n) movement from one place to another by a group of people or animals
physical (a) related to the body; related to materials that can seen or felt
process (n) a series of steps leading to a result
survive (v) remain a life despite danger or harmful
constraint (n) something that restricts thought or action (thúc ép, đè nén, nhốt)
contamination (n) being made less clean by a germ or hazardous substance
deplete (a) to greatly decrease the supply of a resource or material
emission (n) sending out from a small space into the general environment, a substance discharged
dispose of (v) to to throw away, to get rid of, to kill
elementally (adv) in terms of elements, basically
extinction (n) complete disappearance, the end of existence
reservoir (n) a place where liquid is collected and stored
shrink (v) to become reduced in size, amount or value
stable (adj) firm and dependable, showing little change
respiration (n)respiratory (adj) the act of breathing
emit (v) to send out light, gas....
comet (n) sao chổi
vertebrate (n) any animals that have backbone
invertebrate (n) any animals that have no backbone
rotate (v) to move around a fixed point
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