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Cardio DX Test, Tx

NHTC 9 Cardiology Dx Test, Tx, Pharmacology

lipid profile a battery of blood tests to measure levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, and lipoproteins; used to evaluate the risk of developing coronary artery disease
echocardiography utilization of ultrasound to visualize internal cardiac structures and motion of the heart
cardiac catheterization insertion of a catheter through an incision into a large vein, usually of an arm or leg, that is threaded through the circulatory system into the heart
anticoagulants drugs that prevent clot formation and decrease the risk of a stroke
angioplasty surgical procedure to reopen narrowed blood vessels and restore blood flow; usually with a balloon catheter
holter monitor a portable device small enough to be worn by a patient during normal activity. it consists of a recording system capable of storing up to 48 hrs of the individual's electrocardiogram
defribrillator an electrical device that delivers shocks at a present voltage to the heart to convert fibrillation and life-threatning dysrhythmias back to a normal rhythm
diuretics drugs that eliminate fluid by increasing urine output by the kidneys
angiography diagnostic or therapeutic radiography of the heart and blood vessels using a radiopaque contrast medium
balloon valvuloplasty insertion of an inflatable balloon to open a stenotic heart valve
pacemaker a permanent implantable device used to establish a normal heart rhythm and overcome heart block
troponin 1 blood test that measures protein that is released into the blood by damaged heart muscle
anastomosis surgical joining of two blood vessels to bypass an aneurysm
antianginals drugs that relieve angina pectoris by vasodilation and include beta blockers and calcium channel blockers
stent placement surgical insertion of a small, self-expanding meshlike tube to treat acute vessel closure after angioplasty; opens up blocked artery
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