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continuing superstition and Baroque

What three things remained in Western culture that began in tradition? Sin, Death, the Devil
between 1400 and 1700, how many witched weresentenced to death for "harmfull" magic? 70,000 to 100,000
What were witches accused of? Preforming "hamful" magic, attending Sabbats, flying, sexual orgies withthe devil, cannibalism of small christian children, and other rituals
Why did people panic about witches? the Reformation removed their defenses against demons and Devils so they had to protest themselves
Who were the "cunning Folk"? feared, respected, helpfull people who had magic. Helped peolpe move forward after calamity
what were two ways the church preformed "magic"? 1)turning bread and wine into body and blood 2)casting away demons
Witch trials were a result of which two groups sharing a common goal? Church and State
What three groups were most likely to be considered Witches? 1)Widows 2)Midwives 3)women healers and berbalists
What are some reasons witch hunts began? The male fear of a strong woman
What three things caused the hunts to cease? 1)more scientific point of view(min and matter= 2 indepentdent realities=hard to believe thoguht/words could change things 2)advances in medicice, insurance companies, and lawyers 3_hunts got out of hand
What was Baroque Art? it was more naturalist instead of idealised and paralleled the interest in natural knowledge and achievement in the understanding of human anatomy
How are the paintings and sculptures seen? They are seen as theatrical and intended to draw the observer into emotionsl involement
Which painter did Charles I employ to pain the Banqueting hall with James I? Peter Paul Rubens, a leading religious painter of the Roman Catholic church
St. Peter's Basilica and Santa Maria De la Vittoria's sculpture were done by this artist: Gian Lorenzo Bernini
What type of painting is associated with dutch painters? still lifes
Which painter used contraster between lighting and darkness? Michelangelo Caravanggio
Which Famous building is considered a BAroque monument due to its Sun King paintings and hall of mirrors? Luis XIV's Versaillies
Created by: Cianci