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Causes & Symptoms of Motion Sickness Imbalance between what your eyes see and the direction of fluid in the middle ear that senses motion Nausea, vomiting, paleness, increased salivation, sweating, drowsiness, weakness, discomfort
Regardless of whether the propeller is turning to go ahead or astern, the water flow pattern in the propeller's arc of rotation is called what? Suction Screw Current
Signal Whistle Distance 1100 Yards
Define Equilibrium When the center of buoyancy is acting upward and the center of gravity is acting downward while the boat is at rest
Contents of the Forward Compartment (excluding bins) Marine toilet & toilet paper, 05 Adult Type I PFDs w/ whistles & PMLs 05 Child Type I PFDs w/ whistles & PMLs 05 Adult Type III PFDs w/ whistles & PMLs 05 Helmets
3 Rudder Types 1- Balanced 2- Semi-balanced 3- Unbalanced
Contents of the Port Aft Deck Locker Small drogue, Large drogue, 75' heaving lines, 200' of 2" DBN line w/ shackle and swivel Pelican Box w/ shackles, chafing gear, marlin, sail twine, and chem lights
Delta Fire Combustible Metals *Jettison overboard and let it burn -bright light -various colored smoke
Inner Ring & Outer Ring on a Compass Rose Inner: magnetic Outer: true Difference in the two = Variation
Small Craft Advisory 21-33 kt winds > 7 ft seas w/ breaks Light: Red over White
Gale Warning 34-47 kt winds Light: White over Red
Storm Warning 48+ kt winds Light: Red over Red
Hurricane Warning 64+ kt winds Light: Red White Red
MK-124 Characteristics Approximately 20 seconds Day end: Orange smoke Night end: Red flare & ridges
Contents of the Center Aft Deck Locker 02 skiff hooks, 02 plasma pennants, 02 DBN pennants, grapnel hook, block & tackle
Shoal water 6' or less
Coastal/Offshore water more than 6'
Open Ocean 2+ miles from shore
04 Anchor Parts Crown, Flukes, Shank, Shaft
CO2 Extinguisher Characteristics 5 lbs 4-6' of 30 second discharge
Body Barrier Kits on board 02 S/M 02 L 03 XL 03 XXL
Tow Light Arc 135* Yellow
PKP Extinguisher 10 lbs 6-8' of 30 second discharge
Steering Fluid Capacity 02 GAL of hydraulic fluid
Side Lines 02 20' of 2" 02 40' of 2" 02 40' of 3 1/4" 02 60' of 3 1/4"
Charlie Fire Characteristics Electrical Blue/white smoke, burnt plastic smell, "arcing & sparking" Cut the power source, add CO2
Anchor Line 300' of 2" line
Bleeding Procedures Direct Pressure Elevate Pressure Points Tourniquet
P-6 Discharge Hose 50', red
P-6 Standpipe Hose 15', black
Datum Tracks set and drift over time
Contents of Pyro Box 02 MK-79s 12 MK-124s 09 MK-127s & chem lights (Forward compartment, starboard bin)
Anchor Chain 9'
Port & Starboard Arc Nav Lights 112.5*
Drogue line 200' of 2" line
2 Types of Stability 1- longitudinal 2- transverse
CG-1 Strobe Light/ PML Characteristics 50-70 flashes/min 09 hours continuously 18 hours on and off 100,000 candle power
Pelican Case contents -chafing gear -zip ties -marlin -sailing twine -nye lights -chem lights -shackles
Stokes Litter Straps Under the arms, then head to toe Gray Blue Red Green Black
47' MLB Manufacturer Textron Marine & Land Systems New Orleans, LA
Boat Hook Length 8'
Alpha Fire Materials (ex: plastic, wood, paper) * H2O or CO2 -white/gray smoke -ash is a byproduct
Forepeak Bulkheads 15 to Bow
P-6: HP, Fuel, Speed, & Time HP: 6.5 Fuel: 2.5 GAL Speed: 250 GAL/min Time: 02-03 Hrs
What does HVAC stand for? Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning system
Auxiliary Space Bulkheads 08 to 10
Bravo Fire Combustible Liquids *CO2, PKP, AFFF -black/brown smoke -large flames
MK-79 Burn Time & Height Time: 4.5 sec Height: 250-650 ft
Small Tow Reel 300' of 2" line
Length at Waterline 43' at Frame 05
Where will an anchor not hold during ebb in Tillamook Bay? Kincheloe Point to Lister's Cove
Parts of the Anchor Crown, Shaft, Shanks, Flukes
MK-127A Characteristics Parachute suspended white star flare 36 sec Altitude: 650-700 ft descends 10-15 ft/sec 125,000 candle power
What are frames? Attached to keel, extend athwartships
02 Purposes of Deck Fittings -permit easy line handling -reduce wear and friction on lines
What is the line of a life raft called? Painter Line
What does S.I.N.S. stand for? Scalable Integrated Navigation System
What is on the main deck? -small tow reel -large tow reel -tow reel hand crank -dive knife -02 boat hooks -P-6 pump
What are the 02 effects of propeller rotation? -side force -the thrust along the shaft axis
03 Types of Hulls 1- Planing (skims surface) 2- Displacement (pushes water away) 3- Semi-Displacement
Starboard Forward Deck Locker Contents Alongside Lines -02 30' of 2" -02 30' of 3'1/4" -02 50' of 2" -02 50' of 3'1/4" 04 Fenders Windshield Wiper Fluid
What are becket bends used for? Lengthening a line by bending one line to another.
Type III PFD Buoyancy Minimum 15.5 LBS
A 1 kt current will affect a vessel to the same degree as what? 30 kts of wind
Starboard Aft Deck Locker Contents -6' Jumper Hose -50' Fire Hose -Hose Adapter -Helo Ops Pelican Case (03 Pairs of Gloves & Hearing Protection)
Hull Length w/rubrails 48'11"
Beam Overall w/rubrails 15'
Highest Points Fixed: 18'6" (Radar) DF Antenna: 24'6" Unfixed: 28'4" (HF Antenna)
Draft 4'6"
Max Seas & Max Surf Seas: 30' Surf: 20' (15' for Training)
Underway Limits Sea Height in 24 Hour Period: <4 ft = 10 hrs >4 ft = 08 hrs Heavy Wx = 06 hrs
Max Winds 50 kts (40 kts for Training)
Max Speed 25 kts
Fuel Capacity 394 GAL = 100% 373 GAL = 95% *
Portable Water Capacity 05 GAL
Max Personnel 34 (180 lbs each)
Freeboard (Bow, Amidships, & Aft) Bow: 6'8" Amidships: 2'2" (recess) Aft: 7'1"
Towing Capacity 2" Towline - 50 Displacement Tons 3'1/4" Towline - 150 Displacement Tons (170 w/ Waiver)
Engine HP 435 HP @ 2100 RPMs
47' Engines 6V92TA (V6 Configuration, 92 Displacement of Cylinders, Turbo Charged, After-Cooled) Twin Detroit Diesel Electronically Controlled
Raw Water Pumps GAL/min 390 GAL/min
Displacement of 47 40,000 lbs (20 tons) fully outfitted with no crew
Max Cruising Range 200 NM
Reduction Gear & Electrical Generation Reintjes WVS 234 UP, 2:1 reduction & Dual Alternators
Anchor Light Arc 360*
Bilge Pumps 07 pumps, 33 GAL/min
Lazarette Pump Discharge Transom @ port side
Propellers Fixed, 4-bladed 28" diameter 36" pitch (pitch = distance in length forward through semi-solid in 01 revolution)
Symptoms of Hypothermia -pale -cold skin -dilated pupils -poor coordination -slurred speech -incoherent thinking -weak pulse -slow breathing -irregular heartbeat -unconsciousness
Treatments for Hypothermia Remove wet clothes, Replace with dry clothes and blankets, Rest
"T" Buoy Red & White Morse Code (A) Whistle White Light in 71' of Water
Northern AOR Boundary Haystack Rock North 45*58
Forward Compartment Port Bin Contents -01 GAL Hydraulic Fluid -05 GAL Lube Oil -DC Kit -Hearing Protection -Night Vision Case
PPE with Dry Suit Under Armor (wicking layer) Bunny Suit (thermal layer) Socks Boots Watch Cap Gloves Helmet
Southern AOR Boundary Cape Kiwanda 45*13
P-6 Feet of Lift 12'
Forward Compartment Starboard Bin Contents -04 Blankets -02 Pillows -10 Body Barrier Kits -Body Bag -Pyro Kit -Hand-held spotlight -Bell w/clapper -Reed fog horn
03 Types of Bleeding Arterial Venous Capillary
Main Things in Enclosed Steering -CO2 & PKP Extinguishers -Battle Lantern -Binoculars -Nav Kit
Prolonged Blast & Short Blast Prolonged: 4-6 sec Short: about 1 sec
Engine Room Bulkheads 01 to 05
Forward Compartment Bulkheads 10 to 15
Lazarette Bulkheads Transom to 01
MK-79 Kit 07 MK-80 Flares 01 MK-31 Launcher
Survivor's Compartment Bulkheads 05 to 08
Cruising PSI 49-70 psi
Large Tow Reel 900' of 3'1/4" line
Anchor Type & Weight Danforth fortress FX-37 19 lbs
When will the steering system alarm go off? Below 45 psi and above 70 psi
Treatment for Shock Lay down, elevate feet Keep warm Check for other injuries Check frequently
#1 Buoy Characteristics Fl Q G Bell in 31' of Water Entrance Buoy Green Can Buoy
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