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Review of Disease 16


Turner syndrome chromosome disorder in females missing X chromosome
cystic fibrosis damage to lungs with thick secretions, nutritional problems and effect on other organs
Down syndrome trisomy; extra chromosome in 21st set
Klinefelter syndrome chromosome disorder causing testicular failure/infertility
Hirschsprung disease absence of peristalsis causing obstruction of bowel
pyloric stenosis thick or narrow area at distal end of stomach and start of duodenum stopping the emptying of food from the stomach
cryporchidism failure of the testis to descend into the scrotum from the abdominal cavity
osteogenesis imperfecta weak bones / easily fractured
hydrocephalus excess fluid in the ventricles of the brain
cerebral palsy brain disorder can be caused by birth trauma
patent ductus arteriosus ductus arteriosis fails to close after birth allowing blood flow between pulmonary artery and aorta
hemophilia clotting disorder
memingocele herniation of meninges through spinal cord
spina bifida neural tube defect
Created by: cskinner