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Review of Disease14


pathologic fracture breaking of bone secondary to disease weakening the bone
scoliosis S shaped curvature of spine from side to side
kyphosis hunchback - curvature of upper thoracic spine outward
lordosis sway back - inward curvature of lumbar spine
ganglion cyst benign tumor that develops over a joint or tendon - usually the wrist
plantar fasciitis painful codition of plantar fascia (arch of foot)
hallux valgus bunion - big toe improperly aligned creates bump on medial side of foot
medial tibial syndrome shin splints
myasthenia gravis muscle fatigue and weakness (neuromuscular disorder)
bursitis inflammation of the bursa or sac around a joint
fibromyalgia chronic pain in muscles, joint, ligaments and soft tissues
carpal tunnel sydrome compression of median nerve as it passes through the wrist
osteoporosis loss of bone mass
tendonitis inflammation of tendon
herniated disk prolapse of cartilege between vertebrae
osteoarthritis joint inflammation (degenerative joint disease)
sprain partial dislocation, stretching or tearing of ligaments that stabilize a joint
strain stretching or tearing of muscle tissue
rheumatoid arthritis chronic systemic inflammation of joints
osteomalacia softening of bone tissue
lateral epicondylitis tennis elbow
Created by: cskinner