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Medical Careers .

dietitians nutristionists; manage food service systems
art/music/dance therapist use the arts to help patients deal with social, physical or emotional problems.
Admitting officer/clerks responsible for obtaining all necessary information when a patient is admitted to the facility
associate's degree two year course of study
athletic trainers prevent and treat injuries and provide rehabilitative services to athletes
audiologists provide care to individuals who have hearing impairments
bachelor's degree four year course of study
bio-medical equipment technicians (BETs) works with different machines to diagnose, treat, and monitor patients
cardiovascular technologist assist with cardiac procedures and angioplasty
central/ sterile supply worker involved in ordering, maintaining and supplying all equipment and supplies used by departments in a health care facility
certification person who has fulfilled requirements of education and meets standards and qualifications established by the government agency
continuing education units (CEUs) required to renew licenses or maintain certification or registration in many states
Dental assistants work under supervision of dentists
dental hygienist work under supervision of dentists
dental laboratory technicians make and repair a variety of dental procedures
electrocardiograph technicians pertaining to the heart
doctor of chiropractic focuses on ensuring proper alignment of the spine
dietian technicians work under supervision of dietitians, plan menus and order food.
dietetic assistans assist with food prep service
dialysis technicians operate the kidney machines used to treat patients with limited or no kidney function
Doctor of medicine diagnoses, treats and prevents diseases or disorders
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) treats diseases/disorders , placing special emphasis on nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems
Doctor of Pediatric Medicine (DPM) examines, diagnoses, and treats diseases and disorders of anything before the knee.
Doctor's degree eight year course of study
Electroencephalographic technologist operates an instrument called an Electroencephalograph, which records electrical activities of the brain.
Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist perform nerve conduction tests.
Embalmers prepare the body for the funeral; wash the body, reshaping disfigured bodies, applying cosmetics, etc.
EMT provide emergency, prehospital care to victims of accidents
endodntics root canal treatment
entrepreneur organizes, manages, and assumes risk of business.
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