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Height of the Navigation Light Mast (/T) 12' 8"
Height of the Radar Dome (/T) 11' 1/2"
Height of the Search Light (/T) 9' 7"
Highest Fixed Point (/T) 9' 1/2" (Radar Pod Cofferdam with the Anchor Light Down)
Length Overall 29' 6 1/2"
Length at Waterline 22' 8 1/2"
Draft w/ the Engines Tilted Up 23 1/4"
Operational Draft 3' 3"
Equipment on Board Lifting Eyes, Bow Eye, Transom Eyes, 02 Tow Bitts, 06 Cleats, Deck Lighting, Nav Lights, Non-Skid, Towline Reel, 02 Extinguishers, Search Light, Ring Buoy, Nav Kit, 02 Bilge Pumps, 06 Side Lines, 04 Lifejackets, 02 Kill Switches, Handrails
Total Seating Capacity 10
Fuel Capacity at 100% and 95% 100% - 105 GAL 95% - 100 GAL
Measurements used to define Boat Displacement Net ton, Gross ton, Deadweight, Light Displacement, Loaded Displacement
Max Operating Distance Offshore 10 NM
# of Watertight Compartments 01 pressure-tested airtight cabin
Define Buoyancy Upward force of water displaced by the hull
Define Equilibrium Buoyancy acting upward while gravity is acting downward while the boat is at rest
Passenger Capacity 06
Maximum Winds 25 kts
Gallons per hour of Dewatering Pump 1100 GAL/hr
On-switch height for Bilge Pump 2 1/8"
Maximum Seas 6' (no surf)
Design Length of the Hull 25' 2 1/2"
Beam Overall (including collar) 8 6"
Define Keel + 2 Keel Types Vessel's Backbone 1- Flat Plate (perpendicular to centerline) 2- Bar Plate (reduces rolling)
Maximum Towing Capacity 10 displacement tons
Strokes per Gallon + Gallons per minute of Manual Bilge Pump 10 strokes/GAL 06 GAL/min
Outside Air Temperature Range 0 - 105* F
2 Primary Forces that affect Stability 1- Static 2- Dynamic
Maximum Water Temperature 28 - 95* F (no ice)
Define Center of Gravity Point of the boat where the weight acts downward
Hull Construction 5086 Marine Grade Aluminum
Cabin Construction 5052 Marine Grade Aluminum
Fuel Tank Info 1/4" 5086 Marine Grade Aluminum with rubber isolation
# of Lifting Eyes + rated lbs 04 Liftyting Eyes, rated at 9500 lbs
Crew Capacity 04
Weight (fully outfitted, no crew) 7400 lbs
Vessel Characteristics that affect Stability size/shape of boat, draft, trim, displacement, freeboard, non-watertight openings
Maximum Range at Cruise 150 NM
Weight (fully outfitted, max POB) 9200 lbs
Collar Material Closed-cell Polyethylene Foam with a UV-stable Polyurathane coating
Maximum Speed 46 kts @ 6000 RPMs
Propellers 14x19 Mercury Offshore Vensura series
Parts of Doors that make them Watertight Gasket, Knife-Edge, Dog, Coaming
Propulsion Twin Honda 225-HP 4 Stroke Outboards
Seats 04 Pneumatic Suspension Seats
3 Types of Hulls 1- Displacement 2- Semi-displacement 3- Planing
2 Types of Stability 1- Longitudinal (heeling) 2- Transverse (rolling)
Cruise Speed 35 kts @ 4500 RPMs
Created by: cesuscg
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