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Review of Diseases 4


Rosacea Chronic condition causes flushing of face, neck and chest
Eczema General dematologic term for conditions that affect the skin; dermatitis
Lyme Disease bacterial infection transmitted by ticks; bulls-eye rash and flu-like symptoms
Scabies infestation of skin with microscopic mites; contagious
Pediculosis infestation with type of lice
Frostbite damage to the skin after exposure to very cold temperatures
Impetigo bacterial infection; highly contagious, small vesicles usually around mouth and nose
Alopecia areata autoimmune disease causing patchy hair loss
tinea fungal skin infection; ringworm and athlete's foot
Seborrheic keratosis common in elderly, noncancerous skin lesions vary in size and shape
vitiligo chronic skin disorder results in loss of skin pigment; patchy spots
decutibus ulcer 'bed sore' or pressure sore from injury and necrosis of tissue usually caused by pressure that limits circulation to skin
Psoriasis chronic inflammation of skin - red or silvery scaly plaques
Candidiasis fungal infection; yeast. May affect skin or mucous membranes
Verruca warts, viral cause - human papilloma virus
paronychia infection of area of nailbed
cellulitis bacterial infection of connective tissue - dermis and subcutaneous
Laceration tear or cut into the skin
systemic lupus erythmatosus chronic autoimmune disorder causing inflammation and degeneration of connective tissue such as skin and joints
Created by: cskinner