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Review of Diseases 3

Includes some childhood diseases

Phenylketonuria Genetic disorder found as part of Newborn Screen. Unable to utilize protein esp amino acid phenylalanine
Reye Syndrome disease associated with ASA (aspirin) use by children during viral illness
Failure to Thrive child not gaining weight compared to standard growth charts
Asthma inflammation and spasm of the bronchi with increased mucous secretions - causes wheezing
Constipation hard stools difficutl to expel
Abscess localized collection of pus
Conjunctivitis commonly called 'pink eye' highly contagious infection of conjunctiva
Afebrile without fever
Infantile colic excessive crying in otherwise healthy infant, less than 3 months old and lasts more than 3 hours daily and at least 3 days/wk
communicable able to be transmitted between individuals
Kawasaki Disease self-limiting vasculitis
Chickenpox viral fever and rash; varicella zoster virus; pruritic vesicular eruptions/rash; vaccine available
Strep throat pharyngitis caused by streptococcus group A; untreated can lead to Rheumatic heart disease
Croup viral respiratory illness; causes cough with harsh brassing barking sound and stridor
Rubella viral infection affecting skin ande lymph nodes; German or 3-day measles; can cause birth defects if affecting woman during pregnancy
Mumps Viral disease causing severe swelling of the parotic glands
Measles contagious viral disease; rubeola
Created by: cskinner