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sfhb midterm


define neuroglial cells support and protect neurons
example of a hinge joint elbow
positively charge ion cation
negatively charged ion anion
CNS contains Brain and Spinal cord
intercellular background containing various amounts of water, fibers,and hard minerals matrix
the name for sweat glands sudoriferous glands
Some axons are covered with a fatty material called Myelin
What does myelin do insulates and protects the fiber
what type of cells are flat and irregular? squamous
The somatic division controls what? Skeletal muscle
The voluntary neurons control Dermatone
What type of tissue is squamous, cuboidal, columnar, and pseudostratified? Simple
Metabolic reactions require organic catalyts Enzymes
What does the automatic division control? Smooth, cardiac and glands
the alteration of any protein so that it can no longer function is denaturation
neuron fibers that conduct impulses to the cell body is dendrite
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