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NEC Not elsewhere classifiable
NOS Not otherwise specified. Used when the doctor is not specific.
"see" and "see also" An instruction to see the conditions that follow these words.
An excludes note will: List all of the diseases that are not included in the code number you found.
Parentheses are called: non-essential modifiers
Parentheses are used in the index and tabular sections to: Give you other words that help but are not needed.
Non-essential modifiers are words that must be written in the chart to identify the code FALSE They may be written but are not necessary
oste/o Bone
-algia pain
myo- muscle
arthr/o joint
scoliosis lateral (side to side) curvature of the spine
-itis Inflammation
myel/o bone marrow, spine
kyph/o humpback
phalanges toes or fingers
chondr/o cartilage
cephal/o head
incision cutting into tissue.
excision cutting tissue out
debridement cleaning a wound of dead tissue
Surgical reduction replacing a bone to its normal position
Dislocation Bone is out of place
Brackets [ ] Used for synonyms, alternate wording, explanations
Slanted brackets [ ] [711.2] disease associated with the underlying condition
xxx : First three digits Category code: disease type
xxx.X: 4th digit The subclassification : Type of that condition
xxx.xX : 5th digit The location of the disease
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