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Spinal Tracts


What are Spinal Tracts? vertical bundles (fasciculi) of Functionally Similar Nerves in WHITE matter
What are Ascending Tracts? SENSORY pathways to various centers in the brain
Name the Ascending Tract(s) located Dorsally. Fasciculus Gracilis, Fasciculus Cuneatus, Spinocerebellar
At which point do Dorsal Ascending tracts "crossover"? at the Medulla
What is Decussation? the point at which tracts crossover
What is the Fasciculus Gracilis responsible for? Light Touch + Muscle Position Sense in LOWER body
What does the Fasciculus Cuneatus control? Light Touch + Muscle Position Sense in UPPER body
What is the Spinocerebellar spinal tract responsible for? Subconscious Muscles Sense to the Cerebellum --> Posture Control
Damage to a RIGHT Dorsal Ascending tract would result in what and why? SENSORY loss to the RIGHT side of the body - crossover at the Medulla
Which Ascending tract(s) crossover at the level of ENTRY? Lateral and Anterior
The Lateral Ascending Spinothalamic spinal tract is responsible for which Sensations? Pain and Temperature
The Anterior Ascending Spinothalamic spinal tract is responsible for which Sensations? CRUDE Touch and Pressure
Damage to the RIGHT Lateral or Anterior Ascending spinal tract would result in what and why? SENSORY loss on the LEFT side of the body - Crossover at level of ENTRY
How many categories of Ascending tracts are there? 3 - Dorsal, Lateral, Anterior
What are Descending Spinal Tracts? MOTOR pathways FROM the Cerebral Cortex and/or Cerebellum
What are the types of Descending tracts? Pyramidal (crossover AT Medulla forming Pyramids) and Extrapyramidal (crossover ABOVE Medulla)
Name a Pyramidal Descending spinal tract and its function. Corticospinal - FINE voluntary movement
What does the Extrapyramidal Spinal Tract control? INVOLUNTARY influence on Coordination and Balance
Created by: kristel387