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UMC PCT Med Terms

UMC PCT Medical Terminology Quiz

Anterior Front, in front of
Posterior Back, behind
Medial pertaining to the center of the body or located nearest to center
Proximal nearest to the point of attachment or origin
Lateral pertaining to the side, positioned farther away from center
a, an absent, deficient, lack of
bi two, double
contra against, opposite
eryth red
hyper above, high, excessive
mega great, large
olig few, small
poly many, much
sub under, below
abdomin relating to the abdomen
angi vessels
cardi heart
crani skull
derma skin
enter intestines
hem(at) blood
hydr water
my muscle
nephr kidney
orth straight, normal, correct
pnea to breathe, air
psych of the mind, mental
py pus
stomat mouth
uro urinary tract, urine
algia pain
asis condition or state of
emia pertaining to blood
graph recording instrument
itis inflammation
oma tumor
phag to eat
rrhage excessive flow or discharge
stomy surgical opening
anti against
brady slow
dys painful, difficult
hemi half
hypo under, below
neo new, young
peri around, near
pro before in time or place
tachy rapid, fast
broncho air passageways to the lungs
cephal head
cyst sac, bladder
leuk white
gastr stomach
hepat liver
lith stone
myelo bone marrow, spinal cord
neur nerve
osteo bone
pneum lung, air, breath
pulmo lung
rect straight
toxo poison
ectomy surgical removal
gram a recording
ia abnormal state
megaly enlarged
pathy abnormality, disease
plasty surgical repair / reconstruction
scope instrument
otomy surgical incision
Distal away from the point of attachment or origin
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