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The Spinal Cord

Parts of

TermDefinitionStuff to Know
Spinal Cord the portion of the central nervous system within the spinal canal of the vertebral column extends from Foramen Magnum --> 2nd Lumbar Vertebra - conducts impulses To/From via spinal "Tracts"
Gray Matter contains nerve cell Bodies, Dendrites, Synapses - Non-Myelinated differentiated into Anterior and Posterior Horns
White Matter forms Ascending (SENSORY fibers) and Descending spinal tracts - Myelinated Descending = MOTOR fibers; Ascending = SENSORY fibers
Central Canal the small canal running through the center of the spinal cord leads to 4th ventricle of brain - contains CSF
Spinal Nerves any of the nerves that arise in pairs from the spinal cord. There are 31 pairs of spinal nerves identified by vertebral region (ie T-8 L = below Left T-8 vertebra) pass through Intervertebral Foramen
Dorsal Root the more posterior of the two nerve fiber bundles of a spinal nerve that carries sensory information to the central nervous system. SENSORY nerve ENTRY point
Dorsal Root Ganglion any of the sensory ganglia situated on the dorsal root of each spinal nerve. SENSORY never cell Bodies
Ventral Root The part of a spinal nerve that arises from the anterior section of the spinal cord MOTOR nerve EXIT point
Plexus Merging network of spinal nerve trunks leading TO and FROM a specific bodily area through the spinal cord
Cervical Plexus Merging network of spinal nerve trunks head, neck, upper chest and back
Brachial Plexus Merging network of spinal nerve trunks shoulder arm and hand
Lumbar Plexus Merging network of spinal nerve trunks Lower back, abdomen, genitalia, thigh
Sacral Plexus Merging network of spinal nerve trunks buttocks, Posterior thigh, calf, foot
Meninges protective membrane covering the brain/spinal cord made up of the Dura Mater, Arachnoid Membrane, and Pia Mater
Dura Mater Outermost, watertight, toughest Meninx dense, Irregular connective tissue - surrounded externally by blood vessels and fat
Arachnoid Membrane 2nd layer Meninx Squamous Epithelium and Elastic connective tissue - encloses Subarachnoid Space
Pia Mater vascular Areolar membrane supporting blood vessels closely adherent to the Spinal Cord and Brain
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