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Palmer9 TermsRC

set 6

“eminent property” rights The right of the owner of a manor to certain rents and transfer fees from the lesser land owners within his manor
Capture of the Bastille Occurred on July 14, 1789 a Parisian crowd, in their denied request to be furnished with arms, assaulted the Bastille and stormed in by force killing soldiers/officials and the governor and parading their severed heads around the city
Le Chapelier law Also the Act of 1791 restated the abolition of guilds and forbade the organization of special economic interest, providing all people with the right to work at any occupation they choose
Francis II Successor to the Hapsburg Emperor Leopold II. Francis II was more inclined to yield to the clamors of the old aristocracy in the midst of the Girondin’s revolution
Levee en masse Proclaimed by the Committee of Public Safety which called able bodied men to the colors and recruited scientists to work on armaments and munitions
Treaty of Luneville Signed by Austria in February 1801 confirming the Treaty of Campo Formio in which they would recognize the French annexation of Belgium, the Left Bank of the Rhine, and the French-dominated Cisalpine Republic in Italy
"prefect" A Prefect ruled over each of the regional departments created by the Constituent Assembly
Created by: rhiyanna