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Palmer9 TermsAS

Set 2 of the Palmer Chapter 9 terms

Taille The Taille was the most important tax to the king, also known as the land tax. Before the French Revolution, mostly only the peasants paid for it, as other classes were exempt. It helped to lead to the financial crisis that the country found itself in.
"Active" and "Passive" citizens This was an idea that was created in the Constituent Assembly, in which women, illiterate people, and small men were "passive" and could not vote, while the other "active" citizens could vote. They distinguished this in the new constitution.
March on Versailles On October 4th, 1789, a large crowd of revolutionists and their national guard too the road from Paris to Versailles. They invaded Louis's palace and forced him to go to Paris, which caused the revolution to begin to shift power from the king to people
William Pitt He was the British Prime Minister. He had tried to carry a reform of Parliament, and tried to create a policy of orderly finance and systematic economy, which both were ruined from the war. He thought France's problems were not of Britian's concern
Sans-culottes They were revolutionists working outside the Convention. They wore working-man's long trousers of the middle and upper classes. They were the working class, and demanded equality. They kept the Revolution moving forward through their militancy + activism
assignats The paper money the revolutionary government used to finance it's policies. People could buy former church lands.
enrages When the Convention is under attack, the Sans-culottes added the voices of even more excited militants, which added to the mass action of the sans-culottes during this attack.
Created by: Anna Sikkink