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Palmer9 Terms JAP

Old Regime The Aristocratic system in place prior to the French Revolution. The people belonged to one of three states. First Estate was the Clergy, Second was the nobility, and the thrid was everyone else.
National Assembly The voice of the Thrid Estate founded on June 13, 1789. They refused to back down form the king until a constitution was formed.
Count of Artois Brother of King Louis XVI. He was the leader of the French Counter Revolution.
storming of the Tuileries A revold of August 1792 where the working class of Paris stormed Louis palace, tuileries. They massacred the Swiss gaurds and captured the King and the Royal family.
Committee of General Security A committee put toghter by the Committee of Public safety during the Reign of Terror. They were a political police who stoped those against the Republic.
Lomenie de Brienne The Director of Finances for France. He and King Louis XVI tried to pass Calonne's program of new taxes on landowners, indirect taxes, and abolition of internal tariffs. The Parlement rejected it forcing Louis to call for a Estates General.
"Reign of Terror" The time where the Committee of Public saftey was trying to stop the counterrevolution. During this time many anti-republics were killed inculding Marie Antoinette.
Created by: AndrewPool