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Metayer The system of cultivating land for a proprietor such as a king.
"Night of August 4" The National Assembly was forced to move quickly, each delegate proposed a new way to surrender class privleges. The clergy and nobility gave up their exemption to taxation. By the end of this month feudalism was dead.
Olympe de Gouges Originally Marie Gouze. She was a play writer and political activist with feminist and abolitionist views. She wrote political pamphlets, argued for freedom of slaves in the colonies, and fought for equality of men and women.
National Convention The constitutional and legislative assembly that met on September 20, 1792 to October 26, 1795. It held complete power during the French First Republic. Some of the initial leaders include: Robespierre, Club, Marat, and Danton.
"Thermidorean Reaction" It was a revolt during the French Revolution, against the "reign of terror." It lead to the execution of Robespierre and several members of the Committee of Public Safety.
Battle of Valmy This was the first major victory of the French Army during the French Revolution on September 20, 1792, the day the Nation Convention began meeting. They won at Valmy in Champagne-Ardenne, preventing Prussia from reaching their capitol, Paris.
Fouche First name Joseph, often translated to Duke of Otranto. He was a French statesman and Minister of Police under Napoleon Bonaparte.
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