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Stack #73051

Turley's Medical Language Chapter 2

Combining form(s)Meaning
a- away from, without
abdomin/o abdomen
-able able to be
-ad toward, in the direction of
ambulat/o walking
ana- apart from, excessive
ancill/o servant, accessory
anter/o before; front part
-atic pertaining to
-ative pertaining to
-atory pertaining to
auscult/o listening
caud/o tailbone; lower part of the body
cav/o hollow space
cephal/o head
chondr/o cartilage
chron/o time
communic/o impart, transmit
congenit/o present at birth
coron/o encircling structure
crani/o cranium (skull)
-crine a thing that secretes
crin/o secrete
de- reversal of; without
dent/o tooth
dermat/o skin
dia- complete; completely through
dietet/o foods, diet
dist/o away from the center or point of origin
dors/o back, dorsum; uppermost part
-drome a running
enter/o intestine
-eon one who performs
epi- upon, above
-ery process of
eti/o cause of disease
exacerb/o increase, provoke
extern/o outside
fract/o break up
front/o front
-gen that which produces
gener/o production; creation
gen/o arising from; produced by
ger/o old age
gnos/o knowledge
gynec/o woman, female
habilitat/o give ability
heredit/o genetic influence
horizont/o boundary between the earth and sky
-iac pertaining to
iatr/o physician; medical treatment
-ic pertaining to
-ical pertaining to
-ician a skilled professional or expert
-ics knowledge, practice
idi/o unknown; individual
immun/o immune response
infect/o disease within
infer/o below
inguin/o groin
inspect/o looking at
integument/o skin
intern/o inside
intestin/o intestine
-ior pertaining to
-ious pertaining to
-ist one who specializes in
-istry process related to the specialty of
-ity state; condition
-ive pertaining to
later/o side
log/o word; the study of
lumb/o lower back; area between the ribs and pelvis
lymph/o lymph; lymphatic system
macr/o large
medi/o middle
medic/o physician; medicine
micr/o small; one millionth
mid- middle
muscul/o muscle
ne/o new
nerv/o nerve
nucle/o nucleus (of a cell or an atom)
nutri/o nourishment
obstetr/o pregnancy and childbirth
onc/o tumor, mass
ophthalm/o eye
orth/o straight
-ory having the function of
ot/o ear
palliat/o reduce the severity of
palpat/o touching, feeling
path/o disease, suffering
ped/o child
pelv/o pelvis (hip bone; renal pelvis)
percuss/o tapping
pharmac/o medicine; drug
physi/o physical function
plas/o growth, formation
poster/o back part
prevent/o prevent
pro- before
product/o produce
proxim/o near the center or point of origin
pulmon/o lung
radi/o radius (forearm bone); x-rays; radiation
re- again and again; backward, unable to
recuper/o recover
remiss/o send back
sagitt/o going from front to back
-scope instrument used to examine
scop/o examine with an instrument
skelet/o skeleton
spin/o spine; backbone
spir/o breathe; a coil
steth/o chest
superfici/o on or near the surface
super/o above
surg/o operative procedure
symptomat/o collection of symptoms
syn- together, with
techn/o technical skill
termin/o end; boundary
therapeut/o treatment
therap/o treatment
thorac/o thorax (chest)
-tion a process; being or having
tom/o a cut, slice, or layer
-tomy process of cutting or making an incision
trans- across, through
umbilic/o umbilicus, navel
ur/o urine; urinary system
vascul/o blood vessel
ventr/o front; abdomen
-verse to travel; to turn
Created by: Amunas