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List 9 - SAT words

Freshman English list for List 9 - SAT words

tube, pipe, or similar passage conduit
big destructive fire conflagration
to become thick or solid, as a freezing liguid congeal
existing since birth congenital
of the same origin; relatd by blood consanguineous
consistent with, in agreement with consonant
componet, part; citizen, voter consituent
accomplished, complete, perfect consummate
bruise contusion
woman who flirts coquette
having to do with the body; tangible; material corporeal
small group of persons with a similar purpose coterie
group of witches coven
gradual increase in volume of sound crescendo
climax, final stage culmination
greed cupidity
cranky person curmudgeon
to shorten curtail
lack, scarcity, insufficiency dearth
downward slope declivity
to belittle, openly condem decry
respectful and polite in a submissive way deferential
skillful, dexterous deft
harmful destructive, detrimantal deleterious
speculation, predection conjecture
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