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A and P Lab

The radius exhibits the anatomy of a flat bone. False. The radius is a long bone.
A long bone is composed of an epiphysis with a diaphysis at both ends. False.
Ossification of the fetal catilaginous skeleton begins at parturition. False. Begins sooner.
Osteogenesis is primarily intramembranous. False. It is primarily endochondral.
Osteoclasts produce bone in the epiphyseal plate, promoting long bone growth in length. False. The osteoblasts produce bone in the epiphyseal plate.
The osteon is the main structural unit of compact bone. True.
PTH is produced by the parathyroid glands and is secreted when the blood's calcium level drops below normal. True.
Increased STH production following formation of the epiphyseal leads to pituitary dwarfism because the sex hormones are stimulating the cartilage cells False.
Bone remodeling maintains the original bone structure and ceases by age 25. False.
Calcium resorption is important in maintaining the bones' homeostasis of calcium. False.
What is the osteon? An osteon is a basic unit of compact bone.
Osteoporosis is the most common bone disease which abnormally strengthens the bone. False.
Identify the basic structure of a flat bone. A flat bone is made up of compact bone with spongy bone or diploe in the center.
Under what anatomical condition does a bone continue to grow in length? The presence of the growth plate at the epiphysis of bones.
Compare intramembranous and endochondral ossification. Intramembranous ossification takes place in the membrane of the bone while endochondral ossification takes place in the cartilage of bone.
Compare an osteoblast to an osteocyte to an osteoclast. Osteoblast lays down bone matrix, or produces bone, osteocyte is mature bone cell, and osteoclast removes calcium from bone.
What role does collagen play in the bone matrix? Collagen gives bones resiliency.
What type of marrow is found in the medullary cavity of the majority of your bones? What was originally in its place? Yellow bone marrow. Red bone marrow.
What is the major type of cartilage found in fetus? Hyaline cartilage.
What is and what can cause rickets? Rickets is a bone deformity. Insufficient or lack of calcium and vitamin D can cause rickets.
What is the hormonal cause of human giantism? Hyper secretion of growth hormones during developmental years.
Where is calium homeostasis maintained? In the blood.
How does STH and the sex hormones control your final height? They stimulate the production of osteoblasts.
How does mechanical stress affect bone remodeling?
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